Not-So-Nobel Prizes

In May of 2010 we will be holding our annual meeting  in the home of the most famous prize on earth – the Nobel Prize.  While we are in Stockholm, we have every intention of doing honor to the rich Nobel legacy of our field.  As part of our closing ceremonies, on the other hand, we will set the bar somewhat lower, in the pursuit of the very best in entertainment.  We will be emulating a slightly lesser-known Nobel cousin, the Ig® Nobel Prize.  How hard are you willing to laugh at yourself and your dear colleagues?  Join us, and we’ll see.

Our prestigious(ish) Not-So-Nobel Prize will be awarded to whoever of you submits the very worst idea in the history of MR.  Are you brave?  Can you admit a mistake?  Can you share your worst idea with thousands of your closest collaborators and bitterest rivals?  Can you think of a brand new worst idea just for this occasion?  Can you laugh at yourself?  Can we all laugh with you? 

Here’s how it will work: 

  1. You submit a one-page abstract arguing eloquently for the worst idea ever.  (One important restriction: please submit arguments only for your own worst ideas, or for the worst ideas of a consortium of the willing.  Even if you’d altruistically like the honor to go to someone else, that person might not agree, and we don’t want any fights breaking out on our dance floor.)

  2. A carefully selected team of our esteemed members will select the top 10 submissions, and the top 10 submitters will be asked to prepare a traditional poster for special display at the annual meeting in Stockholm. 

  3. All meeting registrants will be asked to vote for their favorite worst idea. 

  4. The top (bottom?) three creative geniuses identified in this vote will then be asked to give a three-minute presentation before our surprise panel of HIGHLY distinguished judges at the farewell party on Thursday, 6 May 2010.

  5. With great fanfare, our judges will select the 2010 winner of the world’s first Not-So-Nobel Prize.

Who: You
What: Not-So-Nobel Prizes
When:  Thursday, 6 May 2010
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
How:  One-page abstract making your case – images welcome!  Have it here no later than
23:59 Eastern on 12 February 2010! 
We have extended the deadline to 9 April 2010!
To: Not-So-Nobel-Prize Search Committee,
Why: To laugh and be part of ISMRM history!

Be brave!  Be creative!  Make us laugh!  Consolation Prizes for all Not-So-Nobel finalists!