The following is a list of past annual meetings and workshops with recorded presentations that are available for viewing by current ISMRM/SMRT members.

*Presentations are iPhone and iPad compatible.

ISMRM Workshop on Diffusion as a Probe of Neural Tissue Microstructure
14-18 October 2013
Podstrana, Croatia

ISMRM Workshop on Dynamic MR Imaging & Spectroscopy of Psychiatric Illness
7-10 September 2013
Lisbon, Portugal

ISMRM Workshop on Multiple Sclerosis as a Whole-Brain Disease
26-28 June 2013
London, England, UK

ISMRM Workshop on Ultra High Field MRI: What is in Full Bloom & What is Sprouting?
2-5 March 2013
Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting & Exhibition
SMRT 22nd Annual Meeting
20-26 April 2013
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

ISMRM Workshop on Magnetic Resonance of Cancer Gone Multimodal
19-22 February 2013
Valencia, Spain

ISMRM Workshop on Data Sampling & Image Reconstruction
3-6 February 2013
Sedona, AZ, USA

*Presentations are iPhone and iPad compatible.

ISMRM Workshop on Perfusion MRI: Standardization, Beyond CBF & Everyday Clinical Applications
11-14 October 2012
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISMRM-ASNR Co-sponsored Workshop on Advanced Brain Imaging: “Beyond State-of-the-Art”
27-30 September 2012
McLean, VA, USA

ISMRM Workshop on MR Safety in Practice: Now & In the Future
5-8 September 2012
Lund, Sweden

ISMRM 20th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
SMRT 21st Annual Meeting
5-11 May 2012
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

ISMRM Workshop on Fat-Water Separation: Insights, Applications & Progress in MRI
19-22 February 2012
Long Beach, CA, USA

ISMRM Workshop on MRI-Based Cell Tracking
29 January – 1 February 2012
Miami Beach Resort, Miami Beach, FL, USA


ISMRM Workshop on Neuroimaging Biomarkers of Psychiatric Disorders: What Are They?
Montabaur, Germany
13-16 October 2011

ISMRM Workshop on Mapping Functional Networks for Brain Surgery
Milan, Italy
6-9 September 2011

ISMRM 19th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
SMRT 20th Annual Meeting
7-13 May 2011
Montréal, Québec, Canada

ISMRM Workshop on Ultra-High Field Systems & Applications: 7T & Beyond: Progress, Pitfalls & Potential
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
20-23 February 2011


ISMRM Workshop on MR Safety: RF Heating of the Human in MRI
Stillwater, MN, USA
15-17 October 2010

ISMRM Workshop on Improving Cancer Treatment with Advanced MR
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
19-22 September 2010

Second ISMRM Virtual Conference on Emerging MRI Technologies
18 August 2010

Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2010
SMRT 19th Annual Meeting
1-7 May 2010
Stockholm, Sweden

ISMRM Workshop on Current Concepts of Motion Correction for MRI & MRS
Hotel Schloss Lebenberg, Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria
24-28 February 2010


ISMRM Third International Workshop on Parallel MRI
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
23-26 October 2009

ISMRM Cardiovascular Flow, Function and Tissue Mechanics
Sintra, Portugal
11-13 September 2009

ISMRM 17th Scientific Meeting & Exhibition
SMRT 18th Annual Meeting
18-24 April 2009
Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA

ISMRM Workshop on Advances in Musculoskeletal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
San Francisco, CA, USA
14-17 February 2009

ISMRM Workshop on Data Sampling and Image Reconstruction
Sedona, AZ, USA
25-28 January 2009


ISMRM Workshop on MR Spectroscopy and Neurotransmitter Function in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Quebec City, PQ, Canada
7-10 November 2008

ISMRM Workshop on High Field Systems and Applications: “What’s Special about 7T+?”
Rome, Italy
15-17 October 2008

ISMRM Workshop on Frontiers of Magnetic Resonance: From Tumor Cell to Cancer Patient
Nice, France
13-16 September 2008

ISMRM Workshop on MR Safety: Update, Practical Information, and Research
Lisbon, Portugal
13-14 July 2008

ISMRM 16th Scientific Meeting & Exhibition
SMRT 17th Annual Meeting
3-9 May 2008
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


ISMRM Workshop on Cerebral Perfusion and Brain Function: Novel Techniques and Applications
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
28 July – 1 August 2007

Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB
SMRT 16th Annual Meeting
19-25 May 2007
Berlin, Germany

ISMRM Workshop on Advances in High Field MR
Pacific Grove, CA, USA
25-28 March 2007

ISMRM Workshop on Non-Cartesian MR
Sedona, Arizona, USA
25-28 February 2007

ISMRM Molecular and Cellular Imaging Study Group Workshop: Cruising Into Molecular and Cellular Imaging
Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston, Texas, USA to Cozumel, Mexico
4-9 February 2007


ISMRM Workshop on Data Processing for MR Spectroscopy and Imaging
Airlie Center, Warrenton, VA, USA
11-13 November 2006

ISMRM MR of Cancer Study Group Workshop: Frontiers in Metabolic, Molecular and Clinical Imaging
Pocono Manor, PA, USA
13-16 October 2006

ISMRM Flow and Motion Study Group Workshop: Imaging Assessment of Cardiovascular and Tissue Mechanics
New York, NY, USA
13-16 July 2006

ISMRM 14th Scientific Meeting & Exhibition
SMRT 15th Annual Meeting
6-12 May 2006
Seattle, Washington, USA

ISMRM Workshop on Real-Time MRI: Dynamic Interactive Imaging and its Applications
Santa Monica, California, USA
23-24 February 2006


ISMRM Workshop on MR Spectroscopy for Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Banff, Alberta, Canada
15-17 October 2005

ISMRM 13th Scientific Meeting & Exhibition
SMRT 14th Annual Meeting
7-13 May 2005
Miami Beach, Florida, USA

ISMRM Workshop on Methods for Quantitative Diffusion MRI of Human Brain
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
13-16 March 2005