SMRT E- Posters 15th Annual Meeting


Caron Murray -  President’s Award
Intermittent Fat Saturation and K-Space Reordering in Breast MRI

1. John Posh
The Role of MRI in the Evaluation of Mummified Human Remains Preserved with Arsenic

2. William Spickerman
Comparison of MR and X-ray Mammography in Breast Cancer Screening of Young Women

3. Julie Strandt-Peay – 2nd Place Award - Research Focus Poster
Magnetic Resonance Safety Training - Implementing a Program in the Research Environment

4. Robin Valentine
Regional Fat Deposition Assessed by MR: The Effect of Weight Loss

5. Tse Woon Ng
The Feasibility and Validity of Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Assess the Right Ventricular Function

6. Cindy Comeau – 1st Place Award - Clinical Focus Poster
Clinical Utility of Time Resolved Imaging in the Evaluation of Peripheral Vascular Malformations

7. Daina Dambitis (E-poster not available)
The Evaluation of the Impact of Radiographer Role Extension on Radiologist Breast MRI Reporting

8. April Davis
Development and Validation of "GAG" Depletion Mapping Using High Resolution Contrast Enhanced MRI

9. Filip De Ridder
MRI of Tibial Plateau Specimens Exposed to Diluted Gadolinium Solution: Experimental Findings in vitro

10. Lisa Desiderio (E-poster not available)
3T MRI with Advanced Imaging Techniques for Evaluation of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and Silent Infarcts

11. Garfield Detzler
Characterizing White Matter Hyperintensities with Quantitative T2

12. Heather Ducie (E-poster not available)
The Mapping of ADC Values in Pediatric Solid Tumors Outside the CNS

13. Denise Friedrich
Whole-body MRI in Patients with Long-standing Diabetes Mellitus: Implementations at 1.5 and 3 Tesla

14. Susan Fulton
Comparative Study of Patient Comfort at 7T and 3T MRI

15. Michelle Garcia – 3rd Place Award - Clinical Focus Poster
Managing Technical Factors Affecting Spectral Quality of Endorectal Prostate MRS at 1.5T - Preliminary Results

16. Cesar Garrido
Functional Magnetic Resonance

17. Miranda Hendriks
Functional Brain Imaging: Preoperative Determination of the Sensorimotor Cortex Location in Patients
Who Are Candidates for a Neurosurgical Procedure with Electromagnetic Cortical Stimulation

18. Kirstin Jattke
Artifacts in MRI, Tips and Tricks for Detection and Elimination

19. Ilse Joubert
Use of Customised 4-Channel Phased Array Coil in Post Mortem Fetal MRI

20. Anna Karra (E-poster not available)
Magnetic Resonance Angiography in Neutral and Special Position in Patients with Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

21. Anna Kirilova
Implementation of a Designated 1.5T MRI System for Radiation Treatment Planning and Research

22. Hisashi Kitagawa
Non-contrast-enhanced MR Angiography using 3D MEDIC Sequence

23. Sun Pyo Lee (E-poster not available)
The Usefulness of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Patient with Cerebral Infarction: The Diagnostic Value in Prediction of Prognosis

24. Nondas Leloudas
Myocardial Perfusion Imaging with 2D BOLD True FISP

25. Christine Mancini – 2nd Place Award – Clinical Focus Poster
Quantitative Infarct Sizing in the Presence of Microvascular Obstruction

26. Alicia Martin
MR Cholangiography with Bile Duct Specific Contrast Media (MNDPDP) Administration

27. Sandra Massing
Whole-Body MRI for Staging Patients with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

28. Kenji Moriyama
The Usefulness of Cerebral Enhanced 3D SPGR with 3T MRI for Neurosurgical Examination

29. Lorraine Ramsay
Could Time to Clinical Competence in an MRI Education Program be Altered with the Inclusion of a Simulation Enhanced Curriculum?

30. Caroline Roth, Anthony Festa
Galloping into Equine MR Imaging

31. Susan Ryan – 1st Place Award – Research Focus Poster
Chiari Malformation Pathophysiology Redefined Using MRI Based Flow Measurements as They Relate to Intracranial Compliance (ICC)

32. Veronica Sanchez
Myocardial Infarction Study by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

33. Anne Marie Sawyer – 3rd Place Award – Research Focus Poster
Exit Forms at 1.5T and 3.0T: Human Experience in MR Examinations

34. Dae Keon Seo
A Phantom Study of Imaging Distortion Using the Guglielmi Detachable Coils

35. Helle Simonsen
DRCMR as an International Reader Centre

36. Santi Sotes (E-poster not available)
MR Pancreatography After Secretin Administration (MRCP-S)

37. William Spickerman
Identifying the Role of MR Mammography (MRM) in Early Detection of Breast Cancer

38. James Stirling
Multi-parametric MRI in Support of Antiangiogenesis and Vascular Targeting Clinical Drug Trials

39. George Tezapsidis (E-poster not available)
Registration and Fusion of Brain MR and CT Data 

40. Catriona Todd
Retrospective Study of Acuracy, Reliability & Usefulness of Parametic Colour Maps in Dynamic CE MR Mammography

41. Jeff Umbers (E-poster not available)
Diffusion Tensor Imaging- With Color Maps and Fibre Tracking - Your Old Scanner Can Do It! (With a Little Help From Your Friends)

42. Roberto Vargas
Maximizing Sense Capabilities in Single Breath Hold 3D Gradient Echo Sequences

43. Paul Weishaar
Modern and Innovative Techniques for Imaging Articular Cartilage

44. Elizabeth Whitmell (E-poster not available)
Using Simulation to Advance the MR Knowledge and Skills for New and Experienced MR Technologists and Radiologists in Ontario

45. Steven Williams
Comparing FSE to FRFSE in the Evaluation of Hepatic Metastases From Neuroendocrine Tumors

46. Steven Williams (E-poster not available)
MR Proctography - Anatomic and Functional Imaging of Defacatory Disorders

47. Dora Ziedler
Replacing a Diffusion Weighted Sequence with a Diffusion Tensor Sequence in a Clinical 1.5 Tesla Rutine Brain Protocol