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If you are registering multiple attendees on the same credit card, you must wait a minimum of ten minutes between individual registrations.

REGISTERING A GROUP: If you are interested in registering a group for the ISMRM 20th Annual Meeting & Exhibition and SMRT 21st Annual Meeting, please contact the ISMRM Central Office at +1 510-841-1899  or email us at


Non resident Individuals can recover the GST paid on personal goods through the Australian government’s tax refund scheme. Individuals cannot recover the GST paid on services during their stay in Australia (such as hotels, trade show attendance fees, etc.) Visit this link for complete details:

Corporations can recover the GST paid out in Australia on business related expenses but must be registered for GST in Australia. Generally speaking, there is a 4 year window to claim the GST.

Universities / Research Centers
If it can be established that your University has a business purpose other than promoting knowledge and furthering education, you can recover the GST paid out in Australia but must be registered for GST in Australia. Your accounting department would know if they fall within this category.

The minimum claim amount with Australia is 150 AUD in GST per claim + the cost of landing a ABN/GST number.

For further information concerning GST, contact TaxPort USA Corp. ( or your own tax recovery agent. An official GST invoice will be issued once payment is received.

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