SMRT 22nd Annual Meeting ~ 20-21 April 2013
“Changing the World through MR Education and Innovation”

Salt Palace Convention & Exhibition Center ~ Room 355 B-F, 3rd Level
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

General Meeting & Accreditation Information
Category A CE Accreditation and CPD Endorsement for the SMRT 22nd Annual Meeting and the
ISMRM-SMRT Courses Accredited for Technologists/Radiographers

Continuing Education CREDIT FOR THE SMRT ANNUAL MEETING and the ISMRM-SMRT Accredited Courses for Technologists/Radiographers: If you wish to receive CE Category A Credit, AIR CPD or UK CPD Now certificate you must:

  1. SCAN BADGE: All CE and CPD Credits will be confirmed and verified by door monitors who will electronically SCAN your Name Badge upon entrance and exit of the SMRT Meeting and the ISMRM-SMRT Meeting Accredited courses for Technologists/Radiographers.
    If you need CE Credit it is very important to have your Name Badge scanned for each entrance and exit to earn full CE Credit Hours.

  2. ALL EVALUATION FORMS ONLINE: All Evaluation forms for SMRT and ISMRM-SMRT Accredited courses for Technologists/Radiographers will be available for you to complete online. There are NO paper Evaluation forms. You can complete Evaluation forms onsite in the convention centre at one of the free computer Evaluation Stations located in the registration lobby, or you can use your own computer and access our website at: There is a separate evaluation form for each day; SMRT: Saturday and Sunday; ISMRM: Monday through Friday. Enter your name, registration ID number (located at the top of your badge) and complete.

  3. IMPORTANT: CE//CPD Certificates will become available approximately 2 weeks after the meeting. You will be notified via email when the certificates are ready. You have 60 days from this date to retrieve your SMRT and/or ISMRM-SMRT certificates online. All SMRT Annual Meeting and ISMRM Accredited Courses for Technologists/Radiographers attendees who had their name badges scanned (entrance and exit) and completed the Evaluation forms online will be able to receive their certificate detailing number of credits earned Category A and/or CPD.

Category A Credit Hours and CPD for the SMRT 22nd Annual Meeting
and the ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting Courses Accredited for Technologists/Radiographers

SMRT 2-Day Meeting
8.00 Category A Continuing Education Hours and CPD for Saturday, 20 April 2013
7.00 Category A Continuing Education Hours and CPD for Sunday, 21 April 2013

ISMRM Courses Accredited for Technologists/Radiographers:
6.00 Category A Continuing Education Hours and CPD for Monday, 22 April
3.00 Category A Continuing Education Hours and CPD for Tuesday, 23 April
5.00 Category A Continuing Education Hours and CPD for Wednesday, 24 April

As designated by the Source for Magnetic Resonance Technologists Education (SMaRT Ed). The SMRT is recognized by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) as a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM). CPD credit endorsement is through the Australia Institute of Radiology (AIR) CPD Accreditation and The College of Radiographers (CPD NOW) United Kingdom.


SMRT 22nd Annual Meeting, 20 – 21 April, Category A CE Accreditation/CPD Information
Total CE 15.00 Credits
Session Title Date CE Credit
Forum 1: History & Future of MR 4/20/2013 2.00
Forum 2: Cardiovascular MR 4/20/2013 1.50
Forum 3: Originations of MR Innovations - Proffered Papers - Research Focus 4/20/2013 1.00
Forum 4: Pediatric MR 4/20/2013 2.00
Forum 5: MR Physics & Technology 4/20/2013 1.50
Forum 6: Musculoskeletal MR 4/21/2013 2.00
Forum 7: Whole Body MR 4/21/2013 1.50
Forum 8: Originations of MR Innovations - Proffered Papers - Clinical Focus 4/21/2013 0.50
Forum 9: Breast MR 4/21/2013 1.00
Forum 10: Recent Innovations in MR 4/21/2013 2.00
ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting, 22 – 26 April, Category A CE Accreditation/CPD Information
Total CE 14.00 Credits
Session Title Time Room # Date CE Credit
MRI of Musculoskeletal Impingement Syndromes 10:45-12:45 255 BC 22 April 2.0
ISMRM‐SMRT Joint Forum: The Safe & Ethical Scanning of Patients and Research Subjects 14:15-16:15 255 BC 22 April 2.0
Female Pelvis 16:30-18:30 250 BCEF 22 April 2.0
From Pulse Sequences to Clinical Applications in the Brain: Fast & Superfast Imaging / MR in ER 07:00-07:50 355 BC 23 April 1.0
Cerebrovascular Disease: From Acute to Chronic 13:30-15:30 251 BCEF 23 April 2.0
Nuts & Bolts of Advanced Imaging 07:00-07:50 355 EF 24 April 1.0
Motion Artifacts & Practical Solutions 10:00-12:00 251 BCEF 24 April 2.0
Body MRI Artifacts: Case-based Teaching 16:00-18:00 250 BCEF 24 April 2.0
ISMRM & SMRT Poster Onsite Information: SMRT Poster Walking Tour and Reception – Friday, 19 April, 18:00
The SMRT Reception and Poster Exhibits will be held in the Foyer area of Room 355 B-F, Level 3, of the Salt Palace Convention & Exhibition Center, Friday, 19 April beginning at 18:00. Posters will be on display both Saturday and Sunday during the SMRT Annual Meeting. Many of the SMRT Annual Meeting Posters will be moved to the ISMRM Exhibit & Poster Hall Monday through Thursday.

SMRT Business Meeting, SMRT Luncheon, and Awards Presentation
All Meeting Attendees are encouraged to attend the SMRT Annual Business Meeting to be held Saturday, 20 April, 11:35 - 12:05, in the SMRT Meeting Room, Room 355 B-F, Level 3, of the Salt Palace Convention & Exhibition Center. SMRT Policy Board Members will report on SMRT current and future activities of the Society.

The SMRT Awards Presentation will be held Sunday, 21 April, 12:50 -13:30 in the SMRT Meeting Room. The recipients of the President’s Award, Proffered Paper Awards, Poster Awards, SMRT Crues-Kressel Award, Honorary Member Award, Distinguished Service Award, Fellow of the Section Awards and the John A. Koveleski Award for Professional Development will be presented at that time.