APRIL 2014 • Vol. 3, Issue 2

Future Goals of SMRT Are Shared by the President

Ben Kennedy, B.App.Sc., Mst (MRI)

“Our membership value will continue to improve each year as we find new ways in delivering high quality MRI education.”

Dear Colleagues,
As we arrive at our Annual meeting in Milan, Italy a much anticipated joining of networks from many countries and cultures around the world; we will discuss challenges local to our regions as well as many universal challenges. It’s through direct networking that we create many links and friendships at each Annual SMRT meeting and where I have made invaluable connections which will last beyond my career in MRI.

One event I would like to draw attention to is the SMRT business meeting held this year on Saturday afternoon of the annual meeting. This is your opportunity as the membership to listen to our current activity and ask questions of the leadership as well as provide valuable feedback in how you feel we can continue to improve. We always appreciate feedback, even if constructively negative. At this SMRT Business meeting, I will be handing the reins of Presidency to a very well respected member of both the SMRT and ISMRM community, Maureen Hood. Whilst I have highly enjoyed the challenges of this role, I also understand the role of support for Maureen as she makes this transition and continues to finish many projects which take longer than a single year. Vera Kimbrell was invaluable as our past President this year in helping me hit the ground running and offering encouragement and support throughout the year. To be surrounded by this support in our leadership group and our current executive and policy board has been a great experience in understanding the importance of how a team approach can achieve the best results by utilizing what each member brings to the table and empowering these people in their skills. I have seen first-hand that we are in good hands for many future years with many talented like-minded people with the same common goals working together.

In the immediate future and moving into our next year, one of the priorities I will be continuing is seeking new financial support in the delivery of membership value such as our Home study series, a highly valuable resource in the membership of the SMRT. We are looking at integrating new ways of providing value for vendor support in today’s challenging corporate economic climate as in a two way relationship, the support needs to be justified both ways. Part of our strategy is to utilise our support to directly reach out to our new emerging MRI communities and provide access to vital information, particularly in MRI safety as well as the endless resources in clinical and technical information. Hopefully this will lead to further creation of new chapters who can become part of our greater network as well as locally become self-sustainable in creating their own sharing network. Hopefully we can announce positive progress in the near future.

Over the next year, I encourage all current and past members to attend any local meetings in your region, and encourage your colleagues to join you. Our membership value will continue to improve each year as we find new ways in delivering high quality MRI education. By supporting your local MRI community and strengthening your local network, our membership will continue to grow and create its own future, as you the membership decide how we as an organisation will continue to evolve by keeping active and participating in your local and our global conversations.

In closing I would like to once again acknowledge that this will be the last Annual meeting of the SMRT for our ISMRM executive officer and “SMRT Patron Matriarch” Jennifer Olson. Her dedication and high standards in everything she does has been a credit to the success of our organisation. Her experience and ability to coordinate multiple complex projects concurrently, whilst being able to maintain a smile, will be difficult to replace and she will also be missed by our SMRT community as a true friend and family member. This will be a turning point for our leadership as well as for the direction in Jennifer’s life. We wish her and her family the very best in her retirement.

Kind Regards,
Ben Kennedy