APRIL 2014 • Vol. 3, Issue 2


Julie Strandt-Peay, B.S.M., R.T., (R)(MR), FSMRT
Signals Editor

“It has been my good fortune to know Jennifer for a long time, during my term on the Policy Board, as President and now as editor of Signals for several years.”

Welcome to an issue of E-Signals that contains a distinctive feature. Although this electronic newsletter is produced quarterly for the membership and those who support the efforts of the SMRT, occasionally the news within is unique. Please scroll through the issue so that you don’t miss the special article.

First we hear from President, Ben Kennedy as he shares his thoughts about the future of the SMRT and the upcoming transition of leadership at the Annual Meeting. Ben has served well taking the reins from Past-President Vera Kimbrell, who continues to travel the globe on behalf of the SMRT. Ben will turn over the leadership to Maureen Hood who has already been hard at work preparing for her year as President. Thank you Ben, for your efforts and a great year.

Jennifer Olson and Julie Strandt-Peay in Stockholm, 2010

For those of you reading this newsletter, perhaps for the first time, and do not know the name Jennifer Olson, the feature article below will give you some keen insight on both a professional and personal level. The SMRT Presidents were invited to offer a brief reflection of their experience knowing and working with Jennifer, who has announced her retirement effective just after the Annual Meeting.

Nearly everyone who forwarded their thoughts described the difficulty of both trying to compose something brief, since many of us have a long history with her; and that Jennifer will soon be gone from the Central Office. Tears and smiles are layered over the written words, my own included.

It has been my good fortune to know Jennifer for a long time, during my term on the Policy Board, as President and now as editor of Signals for several years. Using the publication Signals as an example of the changes that Jennifer and I have seen; drafts used to be faxed for review and the photographs were sent Fed-EX as glossy prints or images on a CD. When e-mail became widely available, producing the newsletter had other challenges, since edits and drafts had to be tracked. We have learned much together. Through all of the struggles and triumphs Jennifer’s motto “onwards” kept me and the SMRT moving forward. Do take some time to read the testimonies and get to know and care for Jennifer as we do.

The SMRT is not the only body affected by the imminent retirement of Jennifer Olson. Her friend and colleague of many years, Executive Director, Roberta Kravitz shares her thoughts as well. You will notice a trend among the SMRT and the ISMRM leadership as you read about Jennifer.

Continuing with the business of the SMRT we are reminded that the Annual Meeting is quickly approaching. Program Chair, Rhonda Walcarius, Education Chair, Sheryl Foster and Joint Forum Co-Chair Jim Stuppino update us with last minute information.

The first SMRT Regional Educational Seminar held in Western Canada was a great success in spite of grueling winter weather. Read about the informative program as described by Co-Chairs Tammy Goudreau and Martin Sherriff. Will this be an annual event?

Rounding out this issue of Signals is an update on the latest Home Study. Diligent editor, Anne Marie Sawyer shares highlights of the 64th issue in the series: MRI of the Abdomen: Adrenal Gland and Biliary Tract. Anne is also responsible for the many educational offerings available through the SMRT website.

Signals appreciates the support and assistance of Jennifer Olson, Associate Executive Director; Sally Moran, Director of Electronic Communications; Linda O-Brown, SMRT Assistant; and the entire staff in the Berkeley, California, USA office of the ISMRM and SMRT.

As always your comments and suggestions as to topics and content are welcome.

Happy Reading!