OCTOBER 2014 • Vol. 3, Issue 4


Julie Strandt-Peay, B.S.M., R.T., (R)(MR), FSMRT
Signals Editor

“The Safety workshop sponsored by the ISMRM/SMRT was three days of presentations, information and networking.”


There is much to report this quarter as your SMRT volunteer leaders and committee members have been productive on your behalf. We begin with a message from President, Maureen Hood who gives us an overview of the many facets of the SMRT to promote MR safety and education. She shares the activities that literally span the globe and involve several dedicated individuals.

In this issue of Signals the SMRT officially welcomes the new Associate Executive Director, Kerry Crockett. She serves as the liaison between the parent organization, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) and the SMRT. She brings a vast range of experience to the table and has already made a great impression during interactions with SMRT members.

After countless hours of effort by Heidi Berns, Chair, RCEEM (Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism) Committee, the SMRT has been allowed to “track and transfer” continuing education credits. This accomplishment applies to those SMRT members who are required to report credits to the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists). In the future the SMRT hopes to expand this service for other accrediting groups.

Vera Kimbrell, SMRT Safety Officer, reports on two distinct but related events. The Safety workshop sponsored by the ISMRM/SMRT was three days of presentations, information and networking. SMRT members participated by organizing activities and speaking from the podium. The second event was led by Dr. Emanuel Kanal, well known as an expert in all things MRI safety related. She summarizes the learnings in her report.

You are invited to make your plans to attend the 2015 SMRT Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Program Chair, Chris Kokkinos and his committee have been working for months to produce a quality array of educational offerings. He details new features that are being planned in his report.

Not only should you attend the annual meeting, you should consider sharing your work. Education Committee Chair, Sheryl Foster describes the various forms of assistance which enable you to submit an award winning abstract. Contributing to the success of the SMRT is a worthwhile and rewarding step in your career.

The SMRT Past President automatically becomes the Chair of the Awards and Nominations Committees. This year Ben Kennedy bears that responsibility and reminds members to vote in the upcoming elections. For the first time voting will be allowed on line making that trip to the post office for a stamp unnecessary.

Have you attended a Local Chapter meeting or a Regional Seminar? Do you wish there were more educational opportunities in your area? Then be sure to check out what Kendra Huber, Chair of the Local Chapters and Regionals committee, has to say in her article. With support from the SMRT central office, putting together an educational meeting is spelled out for you. Ask for a packet of information today!

Speaking of educational opportunities, Anne Marie Sawyer, Editor of the long running Home Studies series, announces the latest. Her treatment of Brain Imaging includes three articles for consideration and continuing education credit. Anne’s diligence in producing not only the home studies pieces, but the many items on line and available on the SMRT website is to be commended.

Signals would not arrive in your electronic mail were it not for the capable and dedicated individuals at the ISMRM/SMRT central office. My gratitude is expressed to Kerry Crockett, Associate Executive Director, Linda O-Brown, SMRT Coordinator, Sally Moran, Director of Electronic Communications, Mary Keydash, Publications Director and the whole staff. Your conscientiousness and patience is very much appreciated.