6th Annual Meeting
of the
SMRT ANZ Chapter
13 -14 August 2011
Brisbane, Australia

Recorded Oral Presentations Available to Meeting Registrants!

  Saturday 13th August 2011  
08:00 Registration  
08:25 Welcome Ms. Kirsten Moffat
President SMRT ANZ Chapter
08:30 MRI Physics Dr. Grahame Galloway
Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland
09:30 New Sequence Update Ms. Kate Negus
Geelong Hospital, Geelong
10:10 Break  
10:35 Recent Advances in Brain MRI: High Field and Beyond Dr. Scott Atlas
Stanford University Medical Center, California, USA
  Proffered Papers  
11:30 A Retrospective Study of the Use of R2-MRI Liver Iron Quantification in the Management of Body Iron Stores of Patients Receiving Multiple Red Blood Cell Transfusions in South Australia Mr. Greg C. Brown
Royal Adelaide Hospital
11:40 T2 Mapping in Knee Osteoarthritis Ms. Megan Cromer
Westmead Hospital
11:50 FAI Imaging in a Paediatric Environment Mr. David Crosbie
Royal Children's Hospital
12:00 Platinum sponsor presentation  
12:10 Lunch  
13:10 MSK at 3T Mr. Mark Ward
Imaging@Olympic Park, Melbourne
13:45 Lower Limb Injuries in the Athlete- Impingement Syndromes & Osseous Stress Dr. Gary Shepherd
Qscan, Brisbane
14:20 Platinum sponsor presentation  
14:30 Break  
15:00 Advanced Visualisation and Quantification with MRI Data Sets Mr. Charles Stanley
Stanford University, California, USA
15:40 Imaging Brain Tumours: Fundamentals and Advances Dr. Scott Atlas
Stanford University Medical Center, California, USA
16:45 Close  
19:00 Social Function at BCEC (Registration badge required for entry)  
  Sunday 14th August 2011  
08:30 Coffee  
09:00 MRI in the Media Mr. Charles Stanley
Stanford University, California, USA
09:35 Cardiac MRI: Current and Emerging Techniques and Applications Dr. Christian Hamilton-Craig
The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane
10:05 MRI Breast Dr. Neels Grobbelaar
Queensland X-Ray, Brisbane, Brisbane
10:50 SMRT Awards & Announcements  
11:00 Break  
11:30 3T Protocol Optimisation Ms. Sheryl Foster
Westmead Hospital, Sydney
12:00 Techniques in Paediatric MRI Mr. Glenn Cahoon
Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
12:35 Paediatric Neuro Dr. Kieran Frawley
Royal Childrens Hospital, Brisbane
13:20 Platinum sponsor presentation  
13:30 Lunch  
14:30 Female Pelvis Dr Kerry McMahon
Queensland Xray, Brisbane
15:20 Prostate MRI Dr. Steven Drew
Qscan, Brisbane
16:00 Meeting Close & Coffee  
International Faculty