Election Report from the President

Julia Lowe, B.S., R.T.,(R)(MR)  

Before the year’s end the SMRT membership recently voted by Ballot to elect their 2011 leadership. It is my pleasure to present the SMRT President Elect for 2011, Vera Miller from Massachusetts, USA. Vera has been an SMRT member and an active participant in the leadership of the SMRT for the past several years. She was a member of the Education Committee that helped to update the SMRT educational plan; she has reviewed abstracts and posters, has written outlines and objectives for ISMRM courses that qualify them for Category “A” continuing educational credits for technologists and has been a member of countless committees. Vera was the Program Chair for the 2007 SMRT Annual Meeting in Berlin, Germany and locally has chaired and co-chaired many regional seminars, and has been part of the Northeast SMRT Local Chapter for over 5 years. Vera has most recently served on the Executive Committee as Secretary for the past 3 years and we congratulate and welcome her in her new role as President Elect.

The membership also elected four new Policy Board Members to serve for a term of three years beginning in 2011. These candidates were recognized by the membership for their contributions and dedication to the SMRT and we welcome the leadership and expertise they bring to the SMRT Board.

The newly elected Policy Board Members are:
Richard Scott Dunn, R.T., (MR), Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Rosemary Fisher, R.T., (R)(CT)(MR), Seattle, Washington, USA
Kirsten Moffat, BAppSc, Sydney, Australia
Helle Juhl Simonsen, MRT, Copenhagen, Denmark

Congratulations to the newly elected candidates and we hope you enjoy your time serving the membership and the rewards and challenges that accompany it. The biographies of the candidates have been included so that the membership might appreciate the future representatives of the SMRT.

The membership of the SMRT has chosen to award the prestigious Crues-Kressel Award for outstanding contributions to the education of MR technologists to Cindy Comeau from Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging, New York, New York, USA. Besides serving as SMRT President, over the years she has served on countless committees, has chaired and co-chaired Regional Seminars, and written and reviewed abstracts. Cindy has a place in her heart for the Education Committee which seems to keep her very busy, she is always willing to contribute. Cindy is one of the most deserving of this reward as her dedication to the SMRT and the education of technologists is unwavering. Cindy will be presented the Crues-Kressel Award at the SMRT Annual Meeting Awards ceremony in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in May, 2011.

On occasion the membership is asked to vote on SMRT By-Law revisions that the SMRT leadership has included on the election Ballot. The 2010 Ballot included several By-Law revisions that were approved by the membership.

Thanks to the members of the Nominating and Awards committees and the central office staff for their hard work and commitment to the SMRT during the election process. Thank you to our members that made important contributions to the SMRT elections such as running as candidates, nominating a candidate and most importantly voting. Respect your profession by supporting the professional society that represents you, the SMRT.

Best Regards and a Happy New Year,

Julia Lowe,
SMRT President