Celebrating 20 Years of SMRT History

Julie Strandt-Peay, BSM, RT(R)(MR), FSMRT

The 20th SMRT Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada marks a milestone worthy of celebration. In fact, the SMRT is one year older than the current parent organization, the ISMRM. Two parent organizations, the Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (SMRI) and the Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (SMRM) provided the support and guidance for the founding of the technologistsí organization.

Leadership, dedication, professionalism and many volunteer hours have brought the SMRT from the steering committee days to the present global organization. Recently, the vision and mission statements have been articulated. Quality educational programs are held throughout the world and on the internet to provide access to all MR Technologists and Radiographers interested in their professional development.

Individuals elected to the Policy Board make a three year commitment to serve. Officers have served on the Policy Board and continue to serve in a new capacity. The President serves as President-elect, President, and Past-President in consecutive years with specific duties. Presidentís elected to serve the SMRT for the past 20 years and into the near future:

  1991 Bill Faulkner
1992 Candi Roth
1993 Candi Roth
1994 Carolyn Picket*
1995 Luann Culbreth
1996 Karol Handrahan
1997 Kelly Baron
1998 Anne Sawyer
1999 Julie Strandt-Peay
2000 Robin Greene-Avison
2001 Heidi Berns
2002 John Koveleski*
2003 Maureen Ainslie
2004 Cindy Hipps
2005 Karen Bove Bettis
2006 Cindy Comeau
2007 Carolyn Bonaceto
2008 Wendy Strugnell
2009 Pam Vincent
2010 Julia Lowe
2011 Charles Stanley (In-coming 2011)
2012 Vera Miller (President-elect)

Signals News will offer a look into the past at the significant contributions that the members of the SMRT and the ISMRM have made to the field of magnetic resonance. If you have a piece of SMRT history that you would like to share please forward to jpeay@wi.rr.com or the SMRT office with Signals News in the subject line.

More information on the history and evolution of both the ISMRM and SMRT are available on this web-site.

Julie Strandt-Peay, BSM, RT(R)(MR), FSMRT
Editor, SMRT Signals News