Regional Report
SMRT Rocky Mountain Chapter Regional Educational Seminar
February 19, 2011

Meeting Organizers:

Lisbeth (Betsy) Sestina, RT (R )(CT)(MR)(M)
Rocky Mountain Regional Co-Chair

Carrie Borders, RT (R )(MR)
Rocky Mountain Regional Co-Chair

Kendra Hassebrock, RT(R)(MR)
Rocky Mountain Regional Co-Chair



The 2011 Rocky Mountain Chapter Regional Educational Seminar was held on Saturday, 19 February 2011 in the main conference room at Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colorado. A total of 50 attendees, including speakers and vendor representatives were present. The attendees were provided with a wide variety of educational topics and opportunities to network.

Attendees check in for the Rocky Mountain Regional Educational Seminar

We would first like to thank our meeting sponsors and vendors. In the economy that we have all experienced over the last few years, we want to make sure that we express our heartfelt appreciation for our participating sponsors. We acknowledge and thank the following for their participation: GE Healthcare, Hologic, Frank Shellock of the Institute for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Education and Research, Medtronic, QSUM and West Physics Consulting.

Natalie Serkova, Ph.D.

The morning began with breakfast and a very informative talk from Dr. Natalie Serkova, Ph.D. of the University of Colorado Cancer Center Imaging Core. Dr. Serkova spoke to us about innovations in medical imaging including CT, MRI, MRS, PET SPECT and US. She lead us through a terrific explanation on a variety of new physiological and molecular imaging protocols, developed in animal models and how this information is translated into the clinical set-up for pre clinical trials. We also learned what is involved in scanning at the 4.7T level, looking at cancer biomarkers and animal models, PET metabolism, molecular imaging and translational imaging.

Dave Jordan, Ph.D.

Dave Jordan, Ph.D. of West Physics Consulting was next on the agenda. Dave gave us an update on physics, QC tests, accreditation FAQ’s and Updates and the latest overview on the ACR Breast Accreditation. We appreciated his help in understanding requirements to ensure we are current with our accreditation and documentation.

Cindy Comeau, BS, RT (N)(MR) FSMRT

After a short break, Cindy Comeau, BS, RT (N)(MR) FSMRT spoke to us on the Key Elements in Performing a Cardiac MRI Study. We learned about all the basics of cardiac imaging, including personnel preparation, equipment considerations, patient preparation, a core cardiac MRI protocol and reporting a cardiac MRI study. As always, Cindy’s presentation was a wealth of information accompanied by great images.

Kristan Harrington, M.B.A., RT (R)(MR) discussed how to deal with issues revolving around pediatric patients. She discussed how we can relate to our younger patients by studying the growth and development milestones of children, pediatric sedation, pediatric specific safety, SAR and sedation and imaging techniques. Her expertise allowed us to better understand how to deal with our younger and smaller patients.

Lunch was a great opportunity for technologists to catch up with old friends, make new friends, networking and sharing stories. We had a number of raffle items, and just about everyone took home a gift.

Betsy Sestina, RT (R )(CT)(MR)(M) &
Charles Stanley, RT, (R)(CT)(MR)

Our afternoon flew by with four great presentations from two prominent figures in MRI technologist education. Our first presentation was MRI UnSafety from Charles Stanley, RT, (R)(CT)(MR)-The effects of Mass Media on Public Perception of MRI. We viewed a number of TV and movie samples that were great examples of just what’s out there and how misconceptions regarding MRI can arise. Charles then followed with a great interactive presentation on Communication Skills for Technologists. After learning how to determine different types of personalities, we were presented with the communication do’s and don’ts of each personality type. Following our discussion, we were given a live presentation of the concepts…great to learn by example, lots of laughs and great take home ideas.


Bill Faulkner, B.S, R.T.(R)(MR)(CT), FSMRT

The close of our day was spent with Bill Faulkner, B.S, R.T.(R)(MR)(CT), FSMRT, always entertaining. Bill’s first talk was MRI and Patients with Implanted Devices. A variety of concepts were presented with a great discussion on “Modern Pacemakers.” This was the first documented presentation of new information being presented to a group of technologists in the US. Bill encouraged us to look at the paradigm shift that has occurred with aneurysm clips in the past, and to be open to another shift in regards to new pacemakers.

We finished up the day with a great review on Contrast Agents. We listened to reasons why we use contrast agents, different types of contrast agent, gadolinium based agents mechanism of action and high relativity agents.

A special thanks to Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lafayette, Colorado for their generous venue sponsorship and fabulous IT support. Again, we would like to thank GE Healthcare, Hologic, Frank Shellock of the Institute for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Education and Research, Medtronic, QSUM and West Physics Consulting for their generous support. Also, another special thanks to Carrie Borders and Kendra Hassebrock for their wonderful organization and great support. Their help was instrumental in creating a successful meeting. It was a delightful day.

Look forward to seeing you all next year! We are already planning another great program!

Lisbeth (Betsy) Sestina, RT (R )(CT)(MR)(M)