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Body MRI: Advanced Concepts and Controversies
Saturday, 1 April

Last updated 24 June 2008

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to
Describe recent technical developments in the practice of body and musculoskeletal MRI;
Identify areas in which the indications for clinical body and musculoskeletal MRI have recently been better documented or expanded;
Apply recently developed imaging techniques for body and musculoskeletal MRI to clinical practice;
Recognize controversial issues in the acquisition and interpretation of body and musculoskeletal MRI examinations.

Leanne L. Seeger and Richard Semelka, Co-Chairs

08:00 Introduction
08:05 MRI of Nonarticular Musculoskeletal Trauma Leanne L. Seeger
08:45 Marrow MRI William E. Palmer
09:25 MR Athrography Joshua M. Farber
10:05 Discussion
10:20 Break
10:50 MRI of the Breast Nanette D. de Bruhl
11:30 Advances in Cardiac MRI J. Paul Finn
12:10 Discussion
12:25 Break
13:45 Introduction
13:50 Liver/Pancreas Imaging Richard Semelka
14:30 Contrast-Enhanced MRI of the Liver Thomas Helmberger
15:10 Discussion
15:25 Break
15:55 MR Cholangiography Matthew Barish
16:35 MRI of the Extrahepatic Abdomen with CT Comparison Russell N. Low
17:15 Discussion
17:30 Adjournment
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