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Advanced Neuro MR: Technical Basis and Clinical Applications
Sunday, 2 April 2000

Last updated 24 June 2008

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to
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Explain the current and potential role of diffusion and perfusion MRI in the diagnosis and management of patients with stroke;
green.gif (235 bytes)Describe the fundamentals for signal intensity alterations in both contrast-bolus perfusion and spin tagging perfusion techniques, and the basis for changes on diffusion MRI;
green.gif (235 bytes)Describe the emerging role of advanced MR techniques in epilepsy;
green.gif (235 bytes)Compare the techniques and clinical applications of current state-of-the-art neurovascular MRA;
green.gif (235 bytes)Evaluate the role of MR in the diagnosis of disorders of the head and neck;
green.gif (235 bytes)Identify clinical applications of new MR techniques in the evaluation of aging and psychiatric disorders.

Scott W. Atlas, Chair

Session I:  Imaging for Tissue Characterization and Function
08:00 Diffusion Peter J. Basser
08:20 Perfusion David Alsop
08:40 Discussion
Clinical Applications
08:50 Stroke Michael P. Marks
09:20 White Matter Disease Massimo Filippi
09:50 Discussion
10:00 Break
10:20 BOLD fMRI: Technical Considerations Douglas C. Noll
10:40 MRS Principles Daniel M. Spielman
Clinical Applications
11:00 Advances in MR of Epilepsy Clifford R. Jack
11:30 Aging, Dementia and Psychiatric Disorders Perry F. Renshaw
12:00 Break
Session II:  Imaging Specialized Anatomy
Blood Vessel Imaging
13:15 Principles of Advanced MRA Techniques Norbert J. Pelc
13:35 Advances in Neuro MRA: Clinical Applications John Huston
14:05 Discussion
Head and Neck Disorders
14:15 Advanced Techniques in Head and Neck Disease Suresh Mukherji
14:45 Advanced MRI in Temporal Bone Diseases Jan W. Casselman
15:15 Discussion
15:25 Break
Imaging the Infant Brain
15:45 The Role of Advanced MR in the Infant Brain Petra S. Heuppi
16:15 Discussion
MR-Guided Interventions
16:20 Technical Considerations for MR-Guided Interventions Kim Butts
16:40 Applications of MR-Guided Interventions Jonathan Lewin
17:10 Discussion
17:20 Adjournment
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