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RF Bootcamp:  Essentials of RF Coil Design, Construction, and Interface
Sunday, 2 April 2000

Last updated 24 June 2008

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to
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Define inductance, capacitance, resonance, and distributed capacitance with reference to RF coils, their design and operation;
green.gif (235 bytes)Describe the basic needs and components of a working RF laboratory;
green.gif (235 bytes)Compare design and construction of two important types of coils;
green.gif (235 bytes)Explain the fundamentals of RF coil connections to the scanner.

Michael B. Smith and H. Cecil Charles, Co-Chairs

08:00 Welcome and Overview Michael B. Smith
08:10 Basic Concepts I (Components) Steven M. Wright
08:40 Basic Concepts II (Measurements) Joseph Murphy-Boesch
09:10 The RF Laboratory Randy Duensing
10:00 Discussion Team
10:20 Break
10:40 The Flat Circular Coil (Theory) H. Cecil Charles
11:10 The Flat Circular Coil (Construction) H. Cecil Charles
12:00 Break
13:15 The Bird Cage Coil (Theory) Michael B. Smith
14:00 The Bird Cag Coil (Construction) H. Cecil Charles
14:45 Coil Interface Theory and Implementation Randy Duensing
15:30 Break
15:50 Where Do We Go From Here? Michael B. Smith
16:30 Safety Issues Daniel J. Schaefer
17:15 Panel Discussion Team
17:35 Adjournment
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