Contrast-Enhanced 3D MR Angiography

Room C205
10:30 – 12:30

Chairs: Jörg F. Debatin and Yi Wang

10:30   182.  Intraindividual Comparison of Two Contrast Agents - Gd-DTPA and Gd-BOPTA - for Multiphasic MR Angiography, M.V. Knopp, H. von Tengg-Kobligk, F. Floemer, F. Giesel, M. Bock and S.O. Schoeberg, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany and Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA.
10:42   183.  Whole Body 3D MRA in 72 Seconds: 5 Steps and a Single Injection, S.G. Ruehm, M. Goyen, K-H. Truemmler, S. Bosk and J.F. Debatin, University Hospital, Essen, Germany and Siemens Medical Systems, Erlangen, Germany.
10:54   184.  Aorta and Lower Extremities Bolus Chasing MRA: Evaluation of Background Signal Reduction Techniques, H. Gaucher, F. Lefèvre, B. Lehalle, C. Argaud and D. Régent, CHU Brabois, Nancy, France and GE Medical Systems, Buc, France.
11:06   185.  Delay and Duration of Contrast Medium in the Artery after Injection: To Synchronize Data Acquisition and Arterial Enhancement in Contrast MRA, N. Yamada, T. Sakuma, M. Azabu, T. Nagai, R. Tanaka, M. Motooka, S. Imakita, S. Kuribayashi and M. Takamiya, National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka, Japan.
11:18   186.  3D MR Angiography of the Pulmonary Arteries In Under 4 Seconds, M. Goyen, S.G. Ruehm, M.E. Ladd, J. Barkhausen, S. Bosk, K-H. Truemmler, G. Laub and J.F. Debatin, University Hospital, Essen, Germany and Siemens Medical Systems, Erlangen, Germany.
11:30   187.  Shortened Breath-Hold 3D Contrast-Enhanced MRA Using SENSE, R.M. Hoogeveen, R. Conrad and J. Gieseke, Philips Medical Systems, Best, The Netherlands and Uni-Klinik, Bonn, Germany.
11:42   188.  High-Resolution Contrast-Enhanced MRA Using SENSE, M. Weiger, K.P. Pruessmann, A. Kassner, G. Roditi, T. Lawton, A. Reid and P. Boesiger, University and ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland; Philips Medical Systems, Hammersmith, London, UK, and Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, UK.
11:54   189.  High Resolution CE-MRA Using Dual-Resolution Acquisition and Segmentation Based on Spatial Frequency-Dependent 2D Temporal Correlation, Y. Mazaheri, T.J. Carroll, F.R. Korosec, W. Block, J. Du, T.M. Grist and C.A. Mistretta, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA.
12:06   190.  Motion of the Proximal Renal Artery, D.W. Kaandorp, G.B.C. Vasbinder, M.W. de Haan, G.J. Kemerink and J.M.A. van Engelshoven, University Hospital Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
12:18   191.  Is Contrast Enhanced MRA Cost Effective?  A.J.B. Watt, A. Reid and G. Roditi, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, UK.

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