Musculoskeletal MRI, Session I

10:30 – 12:30

Chairs: Christopher F. Beaulieu and Lynne S. Steinbach

Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Select appropriate MR pulse sequences for evaluation of articular cartilage abnormalities;
  • Recognize MR imaging findings in articular cartilage injury and apply them to the interpretation of clinical studies;
  • Describe areas of active clinical research in articular cartilage imaging and quantitative evaluation;
  • Define the role of contrast media in analyzing internal derangements of joints, including both indirect and direct MR arthrography;
  • Assess the value of high resolution, non-contrast MR imaging of joints;
  • Identify clinical situations in which intravenous contrast medium may be useful in evaluation of the synovium.
10:30   Pulse Sequence Design and Contrast Principles for Cartilage Imaging, Garry E. Gold.
10:55   Interpretation of Articular Cartilage Abnormalities in Clinical MR, David G. Disler.
11:20   Quantitative Cartilage Assessment, Part 1: Proteoglycan Concentration Using Intravenous Gadolinium, Deborah Burstein.
11:45   Quantitative Cartilage Assessment, Part 2: Cartilage Volume/Thickness and Relaxation Times, Sonja C. Faber.
12:10   Discussion.

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