Gastrointestinal Fast MRI

Room C205
13:30 – 15:30

Chairs: Russell N. Low, Keynote Speaker, and Myeong-Jin Kim

13:30   Keynote.
13:45   340.  MR Colography Using CO2 and Single-Shot Half-Fourier RARE, D.J. Lomas, R.R. Sood, I. Joubert, C. Sims, H. Franklin, A. Watson and M.J. Graves, Addenbrooke's Hospital, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
13:57   341.  Recurrent Pyogenic Cholangitis: Comparison of MR Cholangiography and Direct Cholangiography, M.S. Park, J-S. Yu, M-J. Kim and K.W. Kim, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea.
14:09   342.  A Single Breath-Hold, High Resolution, 3D Field-Echo EPI Sequences for Liver and Pancreas, Y. Kassai, H. Kanazawa, J. Makita and Y. Machida, Toshiba Medical Systems R&D Center and Toshiba Nasu Operations, Tochigi, Japan.
14:21   343.  Living Donor Liver Transplants (LDLT): A Comprehensive Pre-Surgical MRI Evaluation, M. Goyen, S.G. Ruehm, J. Barkhausen, M.E. Ladd, I.M. Carstens, M. Malago, G. Laub and J.F. Debatin, University Hospital, Essen, Germany and Siemens Medical Systems, Erlangen, Germany.
14:33   344.  MR Imaging of Intestinal Disease with Oral and Rectal Water Soluble Contrast Material: Comparison of SSFSE and Gadolinium-Enhanced Fat Suppressed SPGR MRI, R.N. Low and C.P. Sebrechts, Sharp and Children's MRI Center, San Diego, CA, USA.
14:45   345.  Magnetization Transfer Ratios in Normal Pancreas and Pancreaticobiliary Cancer, A.R. Gillams, S. Smart and W.R. Lees, The Middlesex Hospital and University College London Medical School, London, UK.
14:57   346.  Vascular and Extravascular Complications of Liver Transplantation: Comprehensive Evaluation with 3D Volumetric MR Imaging, P.V. Pandharipande, V.S. Lee, M.C. Roy, L. Teperman, G.A. Krinsky and N.M. Rofsky, New York University, New York, NY, USA.
15:09   347.  Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide-Enhanced MR Imaging: Can Breath-Hold Pulse Sequences Replace Non-Breath-Hold Spin Echo or Turbo Spin Echo Sequences for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Detection?  J-M. Lee, I-H. Kim, H-S. Kwak and C-S. Kim, Chonbuk National University Hospital, Chonbuk, Korea.

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