Interventional MR

Room C209
19:15 – 21:15

Business Meeting
  • Welcome, Jeffrey L. Duerk, Chair
  • Introduction of New Officers:
    Chairman: Jonathan S. Lewin
    Vice-Chairman: Thomas Kahn
    Secretary: TBA
  • Call for nominations for 2001 Governing Committee ballot
  • ACR Neuroradiology and MRI commission list of MRI guided procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic – CPT codes
  • Overview of 3rd International IMRI Symposium (Leipzig)
  • ISMRM Involvement
  • Dates
  • Program
  • Mission Statement Proposal
  • New Business
Scientific Meeting
Current and Future Trends in IMRI Research: A Summary and Group Discussion of Work seen at the 8th ISMRM Conference.  The Officers of the ISMRM Interventional MR Study Group, and a limited number of other recruited experts in the field, will canvas the 8th Annual Meeting to assess current trends, new directions, and important new developments in the IMRI field. Borrowed material will be used as much as possible.

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