MR Spectroscopy:  Clinical Applications and Research Frontiers - Day 1
Jeffry R. Alger, Peter B. Barker, John Kurhanewicz, and Daniel M. Spielman, Organizers
Saturday, 21 April 2001

Last updated 20 January 2009

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to
Describe fundamental principles of clinical MR spectroscopy;
Define diagnostic and management situations in which there is a clinically significant justification for a MR spectroscopy examination;
Explain crucial elements of the clinically indicated MR spectroscopy examination;
List key factors to be considered in developing a radiological interpretation of the clinically indicated MR spectroscopy exam;
Summarize the recent evolution of MR spectroscopy technology.

Introduction to Clinical Spectroscopy, Jeffry R. Alger, Chair
08:00 Fundamentals of Clinical MRS Peter B. Barker
08:30 Single Volume Techniques Robert E. Lenkinski
09:00 Spectroscopic Imaging Daniel M. Spielman
09:30 Magnetic Field Homogeneity Michael B. Smith
10:00 Break
Clinical Spectroscopy - From Research to Routine, Peter B. Barker, Chair
10:30 Dementias and Epilepsy Graeme Jackson
11:00 MR Spectroscopy and Neuro-oncology Jeffry R. Alger
11:30 Multiple Sclerosis Douglas L. Arnold
12:00 Break
13:30 Focal Brain Lesions in AIDS Linda Chang
14:00 Pediatric Neurology Petra Pouwels
14:30 Prostate Neoplasia John Kurhanewicz
15:00 Psychiatric Diseases Perry F. Renshaw
15:30 Break
Clinical Spectroscopy - Reporting the Results, John Kurhanewicz, Chair
16:00 The Role of the PhD Jeffry R. Alger
16:30 The Role of the Radiologist Hedvig Hricak
17:00 Adjournment