MR Spectroscopy:  Clinical Applications and Research Frontiers - Day 2
Jeffry R. Alger, Peter B. Barker, John Kurhanewicz, and Daniel M. Spielman, Organizers
Sunday, 22 April 2001

Last updated 20 January 2009

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to
Describe fundamental principles of clinical MR spectroscopy;
Define diagnostic and management situations in which there is a clinically significant justification for a MR spectroscopy examination;
Explain crucial elements of the clinically indicated MR spectroscopy examination;
List key factors to be considered in developing a radiological interpretation of the clinically indicated MR spectroscopy exam;
Summarize the recent evolution of MR spectroscopy technology.

Detecting the "Buried Signals," Jeffry R. Alger, Chair
08:00 Overview of Water Suppression Peter van Zijl
08:25 Overview of Editing Ralph E. Hurd
08:50 GABA Detection in the Brain Douglas L. Rothman
09:15 Break
High Field and Multinuclear Spectroscopy, Daniel M. Spielman, Chair
09:45 Carbon-13 MRS Rolf Gruetter
10:10 Human Proton MRS Hoby P. Hetherington
10:35 Phosphorus 31 MRS Peter Styles
11:00 Ultra-High Field Proton MRS in Animals Ivan Tkac
11:25 Break
In Vivo and Clinical Biochemistry, Peter B. Barker, Chair
12:25 MRS and Breast Cancer Martin O. Leach
12:50 Dynamic Measurements of Flux E. Douglas Lewandowski
13:15 Tumor Metabolism Zaver M. Bhujwalla
13:40 Break
14.10 Biomedical in Vitro MRS Stephen R. Williams
14.35 Cells Robert J. Gillies
15:00 Adjournment