Scientific Program
Monday, 23 April - Friday, 27 April
Last updated 20 January 2009

Lauterbur Lecture - Monday, 23 April, 08:20 - 09:00
The Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB will open with the Lauterbur Lecture to recognize Paul Lauterbur and his many contributions to our field.  The purpose of this event is to illuminate current research issues in science or to provide a historical perspective.  

The 2001 Lauterbur Lecture will be given by George K. Radda, Ph.D., of the University of Oxford, Oxford, England, UK.  It is entitled, "From the Genome to Molecular Imaging: Dream or Reality?"

Plenary Sessions - Monday, 23 April - Friday, 27 April
The plenary sessions are intended to provide an overview of the cutting-eduge work performed by different groups in the field.  Participation will enable attendees to evaluate the impact of recent clinical and scientific progress in magnetic resonance in the near and far future.  The lectures will reflect the multidisiplinary character of MR in medicine.  By comparing MR imaging technology to competing modalities, including ultrasound, CT, and nuclear medicine, the diagnostic potential of MR in the 21st Century will be explored.  New contrast agents, as well as functional and multinuclear MR techniques will be highlighted.  The societal dimension of MR in medicine will be explored by focusing on the MRI needs of an aging population.

Scientific Sessions - Monday, 23 April - Friday, 27 April

Oral Sessions: Oral presentations are organized in parallel sessions, one series in the morning after the plenary lectures, and one in the later afternoon.  Oral talks include a limited number of papers from among the accepted abstracts.  Each author will make a 9-minute presentation, followed by 3 minutes for discussion.  Slides, video, and/or digital data projection may be used.
Poster Presentations: A poster session is a simultaneous informal presentation by many investigators with the opportunity for direct contact among the authors and other meeting participants.  A poster may contain text, graphs, photographs, diagrams, etc., affixed to a poster board so it can be viewed.  Please note that light boxes, power outlets, or audiovisual equipment are not available for poster presentations.  Specific times for the authors to be present for discussion will be assigned by the Scientific Program Committee.
Clinical Focus Sessions:   Clinical Focus Sessions will be created by the Scientific Program Committee from proffered papers with clinical and practical impact.  These dedicated focus sessions create the opportunity to present and discuss selected scientific papers with a more clinical flavor.  Each Clinical Focus Session will be designed around a current topic of interest in clinical practice.  As in earlier years, the themes of Clinical Focus Sessions will be defined by the number and content of the received abstracts.  Each session will be introduced by a keynote speaker with a summary of the state of the art and present status of the field.

Morning Categorical Courses - Tuesday, 24 April - Friday, 27 April, 07:00 - 08:00

Clinical Categorical Courses - Monday, 23 April - Friday, 27 April

Other Practical Courses

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