Advanced Body MR - Day 2
Donald G. Mitchell and Carolyn Reinhold, Organizers
Sunday, 19 May 2002

Last updated 20 February 2009

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to
 Evaluate and recommend pulse sequence strategies that will optimize body MR imaging;
Describe cost-effective indications for MR imaging throughout the body;
Evaluate new pulse sequences based on existing knowledge of MRI techniques, allowing continuous improvement of body MRI protocols;
Implement modern MR applications for diagnosing chest, abdominal and pelvic diseases;
Incorporate into their practices recent developments for MR imaging of the pancreas and biliary tract, including MR cholangio-pancreatography, and for functional evaluation of the kidneys and bowel;
 Use MRI to diagnose abdominal vascular disease using state-of-the-art MR angiographic techniques;
 Identify new diagnostic opportunities in MR body imaging.
08:00 Protocol Problems and Controversies Donald G. Mitchell
08:40 Body MRI at 3.0T Neil M. Rofsky
09:20 Aorta and Branches: Update Martin R. Prince
10:00 Break
10:20 Gynecologic Malignancy Lawrence H. Schwartz
11:10 Benign Gynecologic Disease Kaori Togashi
12:00 Break
13:30 Obstetrics, including Post-Partum Rahel A. Kubik-Huch
14:15 Breast MRI Elizabeth A. Morris
15:00 Adjournment