Message from Scientific Program Committee

On behalf of the ISMRM Scientific Program Committee, I would like to invite you to join us at our Tenth Scientific Meeting & Exhibition, in May 2002, on The Islands of Aloha, in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

The ISMRM is a 4,800+ member international society devoted to the development and clinical application of magnetic resonance technology in medicine.  Our 1999, 2000, and 2001 meetings in Philadelphia, Denver, and Glasgow were all highly successful. The Scientific Program Committee (SPC) will continue to build upon the same model for the 2002 meeting in Honolulu.

The program of the ISMRM Annual Meeting has two major components, a scientific and an educational one.  The objective of the Scientific Program is to reach the highest possible level of expertise and innovation.  We owe the current success of the Scientific Meeting in large part to the active participation of individuals who are experts in the multidisciplinary facets of development and applications of magnetic resonance to biomedical processes.  The scientific interchange among our colleagues in the methodological developments and applications of MR will continue in Honolulu.   The objective of the SPC is to design a well-balanced Scientific Program that is attractive to clinicians and basic scientists.  The Scientific Program will contain the familiar elements such as plenary lecturers, scientific sessions, clinical focus sessions, and poster sessions.

The objective of the educational program is to provide clinicians and basic scientists with detailed understanding of the principles and clinical applications of MR.  It features two major parts:  (1) A weekend educational program that includes introductory and advanced MRI courses for clinicians, as well as MR methodology courses for basic scientists, and (2) a clinical educational track that runs throughout the week in parallel with the scientific sessions.  An objective of the educational part of the ISMRM meeting is to train clinicians in recently developed applications that will form the basis for new clinical activities on their MRI scanners.  Up to 50 hours of CME credit will be offered for attendance at the educational track and/or the meeting.

The SPC invites you to join us at the Tenth Scientific Meeting & Exhibition of the ISMRM.  We look forward to your presence and contributions and hope that you will enjoy the meeting.

Jeffrey L. Evelhoch, Ph.D.
Chair, Scientific Program Committee