Advanced MRA Techniques
Martin R. Prince and Stefan Schoenberg, Organizers

Last updated 24 June 2008

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

Describe advanced and emerging MR angiography techniques in depth;
Explain the fundamental physics underlying these advanced MRA methods;
Describe how advanced MRA techniques address vascular disease issues;
Combine information from multiple MRA acquisitions for a more comprehensive assessment of vascular disease;
Transfer the concept of these techniques into their own technical enviroments.

Tuesday, 21 May
Multistation MRA: Four Approaches

07:00 SKIP Kostaki G. Bis
07:10 Shoot and Scoot Vincent B. Ho
07:20 WakiTrack Jeffrey H. Maki
07:30 Angio Surf Mathias Goyen
07:40 Discussion Martin R. Prince and Stefan Schoenberg, Moderators

Wednesday, 22 May
Higher SNR Methods

07:00 MRA Contrast Agents Michael V. Knopp
07:30 MRA at 3Tesla Neil M. Rofsky

Thursday, 23 May
Time-Resolved MRA (Spiraling Through K-Space)

07:00 2D Projection MRA Yi Wang
07:30 3D TRICKS, Propeller, VIPR, SENSE Charles A. Mistretta

Friday, 24 May
Flow and Function

07:00 Flow Measurement: Gated and Realtime Stefan Schoenberg
07:30 Oxygen Saturation Graham A. Wright