Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Mathias Hoehn and Michael E. Moseley, Organizers

Last updated 20 February 2009

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

Describe how and why the proton diffusion pathway in tissue is best explained by a tensor;
Explain how the tensor is acquired, measured and mapped;
Describe how various DTI sequence families can be expanded to improve SNR or resolution;
Compare sequences and select the appropriate ones for particular applications;
Discuss advantages and disadvantages of the different methods for mapping eigenvalues;
List and describe three important DTI applications in neuroimaging.

Tuesday, 21 May

07:00 Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Principles and Background Peter Basser
07:50 Discussion

Wednesday, 22 May

07:00 DTI Sequences David G. Norris
07:50 Discussion

Thursday, 23 May

07:00 DTI Acquisition and Gradient Schemes Derek K. Jones
07:50 Discussion

Friday, 24 May

07:00 DTI Applications: Fiber Tracking and Beyond Susumu Mori
07:50 Discussion