Advanced Body MRI - Day 2
Donald G. Mitchell, M.D., and Carolyn Reinhold, M.D, Organizers
Friday, 11 July 2003, 08:00 - 15:00

Last updated 05 May 2009

Course Description
This twelve-and-one-quarter hour course will cover the development of technical protocols for performing body MRI and MR angiography for a variety of indications, using MRI for comprehensive or focused diagnosis or as a primary or problem solving method.   A rationale for the selection of appropriate pulse sequences will be provided, including the specific details pertinent to the evaluation of conditions affecting the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas, biliary structures, chest, breast, vascular system and pelvis.  The pathological conditions that are most effectively studied with MR imaging will be detailed.  The use of rapid imaging obtained during suspended respiration will be emphasized when appropriate.  Throughout the session, new applications that can currently be adapted to expand and extend a clinical practice will be emphasized.

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to
Evaluate and recommend pulse sequence strategies that will optimize body MR imaging and MR angiography;
Describe cost-effective indications for MR imaging throughout the body;
Evaluate new pulse sequences based on existing knowledge of MRI techniques, allowing continuous improvement of body MRI and MRA protocols;
Implement modern MR applications for diagnosing chest, abdomen, pelvic, and vascular diseases;
Incorporate into their practices recent developments for MR imaging of the pancreas and biliary tract, including MR cholangiopancreatography, and for comprehensive evaluation of the kidneys;
Diagnose abdominal vascular disease using state-of-the-art MR angiographic techniques;
Identify new diagnostic opportunities in MR body imaging.
08:00 Modern Body MRA Techniques Vincent B. Ho
08:45 Aortic Dissection and Aneurysm Thomas M. Grist
09:30 Peripheral Vascular Disease Stefan G. Reuhm
10:15 Break
10:35 Comprehensive Renal Imaging Vivian S. Lee
11:20 Bowel: Ischemia and Other Diseases Russell N. Low
12:00 Break
13:30 Uterus: Benign and Malignant Disease Caroline Reinhold
14:15 Imaging Assessment of Tumor Response Anwar R. Padhani
15:00 Adjournment