Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Gareth Barker, Ph.D., and Scott Swanson, Ph.D., Organizers

Last updated 05 May 2009

Course Description:
This four-hour course will focus on the rapidly evolving art of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), highlighting the principles and practices of how and why DTI is performed.   Topics will include the theoretical background of proton diffusion, along with practical methods of how to measure and analyze the diffusion tensor (currently the most commonly used description of the diffusion process).  The course will also include exploration of methods which go behind the simple tensor-based model, such as q-space imaging, diffusion spectrum imaging, and the multi-exponential and/or multi-compartmental aspects of diffusion.  It will also look into the current and future clinical applications of DTI.

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

Describe how and why the proton diffusion pathway in tissue can be explained by a tensor;
Explain how the tensor is acquired, measured, and mapped;
Understanding the limitations of such diffusion tensor imaging;
Describe more advanced diffusion measurement techniques such as q-space and diffusion spectrum imaging;
Appreciate the multi-exponential and/or multi-compartmental nature of diffusion;
List and describe important clinical applications of DTI.

Sunday, 13 July

07:00 Introduction and Background Peter Basser
08:00 Adjournment

Monday, 14 July

07:00 Dealing With Tensors Derek K. Jones
08:00 Adjournment

Tuesday, 15 July

Research Frontiers in DTI

07:00 Multiexponential Decay Greg J. Stanisz
07:30 Beyond Tensor Imaging Daniel Alexander
08:00 Adjournment

Wednesday, 16 July

07:00 Clinical and Medical Applications of DTI Carlo Pierpaoli
08:00 Adjournment