Advanced MR Angiography Techniques
James F.M. Meaney, Martin R. Prince M.D., Ph.D., and Stefan O. Schoenberg, M.D., Organizers

Last updated 05 May 2009

Course Description:
This four-hour course will provide an active discussion of state-of-the-art techniques, focusing on current hot topics in the field of magnetic resonance angiography.   High-resolution MRA in the calf, functional imaging of renal artery stenosis, whole-body MRA and coronary MRA will be discussed.  In order to give the audience a balanced view of the value of different technical approaches, each session is organized in the form of a "shoot-out," i.e. different experts in the field will present their approach and discuss the individual advantages and disadvantages.  Afterwards there will be a discussion moderated by the course chairs.

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

Identify the challenges of MRA implementation in anatomic areas with high technical demands;
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different technical approaches in these areas;
Recognize the clinical benefit of advanced MRI protocols for a comprehensive non-invasive work-up of vascular disease.

Sunday, 13 July

Optimizing MRA in the Feet

07:00 2D Projection MRA Yi Wang
07:10 3D Tricks Martin Requardt
07:20 Moving Table: Saggital Feet Jeffrey H. Maki
07:30 Moving Table: Coronal Feet James F.M. Meaney
07:40 Discussion

Monday, 14 July

Renal Artery Stenosis Grading

07:00 3D Phase Contrast Martin O. Prince
07:15 2D Cine PC Flow Curves Stefan O. Schoenberg
07:30 Captopril MR Renography Pottumarthi V. Prasad
07:45 Discussion

Tuesday, 15 July

Approaches to Total Body MRA

07:00 Angiosurf Stefan G. Reuhm
07:15 Continuous Table Motion David G. Kruger
07:30 Jumping VIPR with Continuous Table Motion Sean B. Fain
07:45 Discussion

Wednesday, 16 July

Coronary MRA

07:00 Navigator Warren J. Manning
07:15 Radial Image Breath-Hold Debiao Li
07:30 Multi-Detector CTA Versus MRA of the Coronaries Konstantin Nikolaou
07:45 Discussion