Emerging Body MR: From Structure to Function
Vivian S. Lee, M.D., Ph.D.,  and Riccardo Manfredi, M.D., Organizers

Last updated 05 May 2009

Course Description
This four-hour course is intended to address recent developments in technique implementation and clinical application of methods for evaluation of anatomic abnormalities within the body, and functional assessment of normal physiology and various kinds of pathology.   Areas that will be presented include the development of techniques such as BOLD imaging, fast T2-weighted sequences, and new contrast agents.  Clinical applications will focus on the liver and biliary system, kidneys and prostate, breast, and bowel imaging.  Functional emphasis will include the development of liver and breast dynamic enhancement studies for the detection and characterization of malignancy, MR elastography in the breast and prostate, measurements of renal function using MRI, and recent advances in MR of the large and small bowel.

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

Recognize and implement recent technical advances in body MRI including BOLD and perfusion techniques, fastT2-weighted imaging methods, and new contrast agents;
Describe recent advances in the assessment of liver and breast for tumor, structural and functional studies of the biliary system, and MR measurements of renal functions;
Identify applications of MR to the evaluation of large and small bowel disease;
Compare the information provided by MR elastography in the assessment of organ pathologies, such as in the breast and prostate, against conventional MR imaging techniques.

Sunday, 13 July

Technical Developments

07:00 Perfusion MRI and BOLD Techniques P.V. Prasad
07:20 Fast T2 Imaging Techniques Stefan G. Reuhm
07:40 New Contrast Agents Carlo Bartolozzi

Monday, 14 July

Hepatobiliary Imaging

07:00 Liver MRI: Anatomic and Perfusion Imaging Pari V. Pandharipande
07:30 MRCP/Pancreas MRI Riccardo Manfredi

Tuesday, 15 July


07:00 Functional Kidney MRI P. V. Prasad
07:30 MR Elastography: Prostate and Breast Richard L. Ehman

Wednesday, 16 July

Breast and Bowel

07:00 Breast TBD
07:20 MRI of the GI Tract: Small Bowel Taro Takehara
07:40 MRI of the GI Tract: Colon Thomas C. Lauenstein