MR Physics for Physicists - Day 1
Michael H. Buonocore, M.D., Ph.D., Peter M. Jakob, Ph.D., and John P. Mugler III, Ph.D., Organizers
Thursday, 10 July 2003, 08:30 - 17:50

Last updated 05 May 2009

Course Description
This sixteen hour technical course is intended for new PhDs entering the field of MRI, who wish to learn MR physics and engineering on an advanced level.  Background material will be covered, as well as the latest research results.  The course will encompass a broad range of technical topics, including NMR signal properties, basic signal detection and image reconstruction, mechanisms of spin polarization, spin physics and dynamic equilibrium in imaging, advanced image reconstruction, parallel imaging physics, topics in hardware design and applications with special pulse sequence processing.

Educational Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to
Describe the fundamental properties of the NMR signal;
Explain the basic physics, signal processing and instrumentation for signal detection and image reconstruction;
Describe the common and exotic mechanisms for spin polarization;
Describe the spin physics and dynamic equilibrium that are used to create images;
Describe advanced image reconstruction methods, including those used in parallel images;
Identify and describe special hardware used in MRI;
Describe pulse sequence and processing methods for special applications.
Signal Properties
08:30 Quantum Mechanical Description of Spin Dynamics and Magnetization Robert W. Brown
08:55 Transition to the Semi-Classical Description James Tropp
09:20 Multiple-quantum Coherence, Intermolecular Spin Orders Jianhui Zhong
Basic Signal Detection and Image Reconstruction
09:45 The MRI Receiver Chain Ed B. Boskamp
10:10 Break
10:35 Signal Processing for MRI Richard G. S. Spencer
11:00 Measurements of Image Quality: SNR, CNR, Optimization Todd Parrish
11:25 Field Dependence of Power Deposition and SNR Christopher M. Collins
Mechanisms of Spin Polarization
11:50 Hyperpolarization of Noble Gases: Physical Methods Gordon Cates
12:15 Break
13:45 Imaging Gases Under Non-equilibrium Conditions Kai Ruppert
14:10 Overhauser Enhanced MRI (OMRI) Murali Cherukuri
14:35 Prepolarized MRI Steven M. Conolly
Spin Physics and Dynamic Equilibrium in Imaging
15:00 Multidimensional RF Pulse Design Peter Boernert
15:25 Break
15:45 The Phase-graph Concept for Understanding Spin Echoes Jürgen Hennig
16:10 Magnetization Vector Behavior in SSFP Sequences Klaus Scheffler
Advanced Image Reconstruction
16:35 Introduction: from K-Space to Image Space Zhi-Pei Liang
17:00 Gridding Procedures for Non-Cartesian K-Space Trajectories Douglas C. Noll
17:25 Artifacts and Correction Algorithms Joseph V. Hajnal