Sports Medicine MRI: Clinical and Technical Update
Johannes Bloem, M.D., Ph.D., and Garry E. Gold, M.D., Organizers
Friday, 11 July 2003, 08:00 - 15:10

ast updated 05 May 2009

Course Description
This six-hour course will cover advanced MRI techniques that are used in imaging and diagnosis of complex joint pathology in sports medicine.

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:
 Use MRI findings to identify mechanisms of joint injury and improve their diagnosis of sports-related abnormalities;
Tailor MRI protocols for musculoskeletal injuries;
Explain the role of MR arthrography in joint imaging;
Assess the role of MRI in musculoskeletal practice;
Distinguish trauma-related bone and muscle injuries from neoplastic lesions;
Determine the significance of findings on post-operative MRI of the joints.
08:00 Pulse Sequences and Protocols Garry E. Gold
08:25 MRI of the Hip and Pelvis George Nomikos
08:50 MRI of the Elbow Mark Schweitzer
09:15 MRI of the Ankle Douglas W. Goodwin
09:40 Panel Discussion
10:00 Break
10:20 MRI of the Shoulder: Rotator Cuff David Salonen
10:50 MRI of the Shoulder: Labrum Lynne S. Steinbach
11:20 MRI of the Knee: Ligaments and Tendons Sandra L. Moore
11:50 MRI of the Knee: Menisci and Cartilage Koenraad L. Verstraete
12:20 Panel Discussion
12:30 Break
13:30 Interventional Sports Imaging Christopher F. Beaulieu
14:00 Spine Imaging William B. Morrison
14:30 MRI of Muscle Injuries Robert D. Boutin
15:00 Panel Discussion
15:10 Adjournment