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MR Spectroscopy: Frontier Methodology and Applications
Roland Kreis, Ph.D., and Daniel M. Spielman, Ph.D., Organizers
Sunday, 16 May 2004, 07:30 - 14:30

ast updated 05 May 2009

Course Description:
This is the second of two courses on in vivo MR spectroscopy.  The advanced course will cover elements of today's frontier methodology (13C and 23Na MR, high field MRS, new ways of polarization transfer, fast CSI, RF pulses and pulse trains) and advanced applications (NMR of body fluids, 23Na MR) of medical MRS, together with an overview of today's methods and applications in high resolution and high field MR spectroscopy, including metabolomics.
Audience Description:
This course is designed for basic scientists, clinicians and experienced MR spectroscopists interested in recent progress and advanced use of MR spectroscopy, with intermediate to advanced levels in knowledge and use of MRS.  It will be of interest to experienced users of MRS, PhD students using MRS, and clinicians with interest in specific applications of MRS (e.g. metabolomics).
Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:
 Describe fundamental principles on which advanced uses of MRS are based;
List state-of-the-art techniques developed for research applications of MR spectroscopy;
Appraise potential advantages and hurdles for the use of new ways of polarization transfer in in vivo MRS;
Summarize recent biomedical research activities involving in vivo MRS;
Summarize issues of present-day methodology and applications of high resolution spectroscopy.

The final eight minutes of each presentation will be reserved for questions.

07:30 Sophisticated RF Pulses for MRS Robin A. de Graaf
08:00 (De-)Coupling and Spectral Editing Peter S. Allen
08:30 Fast CSI Stefan Posse
09:00 New Ways for Polarization Transfer Jan Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen
09:40 Meet the Teacher Break
10:10 High Resolution NMR Masahiro Shirakawa
Advanced Applications
10:50 In Vitro NMR Approaches to Metabonomics and Metabolomics Jeremy K. Nicholson
11:30 Meet the Teacher Break
12:45 High Field 1H-MRS Rolf Gruetter
13:15 In Vivo 13C and 15N MRS and Kinetic Analyses Douglas L. Rothman
13:45 23Na MR: How and Why Gil Navon
14:15 Meet the Teacher
14:30 Adjournment