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Imaging in Drug Development
Jeffrey L. Evelhoch, Ph.D., John R. Griffiths, M.B.B.S., D.Phil., Organizers

Monday, 17 May 2004, 11:00 - 13:00
Last updated 05 May 2009

Course Description:
This course will provide an introduction to the pharmaceutical industry's perspective of the emerging role for MR and radiologists in drug development, the current state of the art in MR methods applied in drug development clinical trials, and the perspective of radiologists participating in those trials.
Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:
 Explain why the pharmaceutical industry is incorporating imaging into the process of drug development;
List at least two examples of how information provided from MR studies can impact the development of a drug;
Describe what roles a practicing radiologist should play in imaging studies associated with clinical trials of new drugs.


Monday, 17 May
Drug Development in Oncology
11:00 The Role of MR and Radiologists Patricia Cole
11:15 Current and Future MR Methods Geoff J.M. Parker
11:30 A Radiologist's Perspective Frederick Kelcz
11:45 Panel Discussion
Drug Development in Osteoarthritis 
12:00 The Role of MR and Radiologists John C. Waterton
12:15 Current and Future MR Methods Garry E. Gold
12:30 Semiquantitative and Quantitative Imaging Techniques for Drug Discovery and Development in OA: A Radiologist's Perspective Philipp Lang
12:45 Panel Discussion
13:00 Adjournment