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Hot Topics for Clinicians
Thomas M. Grist, M.D., and Clifford R. Jack, M.D., Organizers

Wednesday, 19 May 2004, 10:30 - 12:30
Last updated 20 February 2009

Course Description:
This course will cover hot topics involving new techniques, controversial clinical diseases, and updated protocols that are encountered with increasing frequency in daily clinical practice.  The purpose of this symposium is to get to the bottom line: What is useful and what is not on clinical practice.  Attendees will bring home important information to help their clinical practices.  The expert speakers will draw clear and straightforward conclusions.  Each section will end with a consice summary, and sufficient time will be provided for audience interaction.

It is the intention of the organizers that this cuorse cover the most current questions and controversial areas, and include the most up-to-date information available.  Therefore, the final selection of subjects and speakers for the Hot Topics Course is not made until a date much later than for the other courses at the meeting, and at the time of publication we don't yet have the details.  Please check this page periodically for news of the course program.

Speakers: To be announced: Course speakers are selected on the basis of techniques and advances in the field emerging immediately prior to the meeting.

Audience Description:
Physicians or administrators in private practice or institutions who:
Are relatively new to MRI and without formal training in the subject, and
With an interest in using established and/or new techniques to apply MRI more appropriately in frequently encountered clinical situations.
Educational Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:
 Describe the five points that can be used to improve imaging strategies in important areas of clinical practice;
Assess the applicability to clinical practice of three newer imaging techniques.
Program to come...