fMRI: Spatial and Temporal Characteristics

Room B 217-218         11:00 - 13:00                                           Chairs: Gary H. Glover and Richard Hoge

11:00         24.        Compartmental Balloon and BOLD Model - not available

Kamil Uludag1,2, Richard B. Buxton2

1Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Baden Württemberg, Germany; 2University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA


11:12         25.        Difference in Temporal Dynamics of Positive and Negative BOLD Responses - not available

Justin Lawrence Gardner1,2, Pei Sun, 2,3, R. Allen Waggoner3, Kenichi Ueno3, Keiji Tanaka3, Kang Cheng3

1New York University, New York, New York, USA; 2Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan; 3RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Wakoshi, Saitama, Japan


11:24         26.        Interplay Between Oxygenation Use and Delivery in Graded Stimulation

Yi-Ching Lynn Ho1,2, Ivan Zimine1, Esben Thade Petersen1,2, Xavier Golay1,2

1National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore, Singapore; 2Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore


11:36         27.        Spatial Characteristics of VASO fMRI at Ultra-High Resolution

Hanzhang Lu1, Manus J. Donahue2,3, Craig K. Jones2,3, Peter C. van Zijl2,3

1New York University, New York, New York, USA; 2Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; 3Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


11:48         28.        CBF, BOLD and CBV Hemodynamic Coupling at 500-Ms Temporal Resolution

Hongxia Ren1, Qiang Shen1, Timothy Q. Duong1

1Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


12:00         29.        Mapping Cat Visual Orientation Columns Using CBV-Weighted FMRI  - not available

Fuqiang Zhao1, Ping Wang1, Kristy Hendrich1, Seong-Gi Kim1

1Brain Imaging Research Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


12:12         30.        Nonlinear Hemodynamic Responses of CBV, CBF and BOLD Signals During Visual Stimulation

Hong Gu1, Elliot A. Stein1, Yihong Yang1

1National Institute on Drug Abuse, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


12:24         31.        Spatial Specificity of High Resolution Gradient Echo (GE) BOLD and Spin Echo (SE) BOLD fMRI in Cat Visual Cortex at 9.4 T. - not available

Jaekeun C. Park1, Itamar Ronen1,2, Dae-Shik Kim2, Kamil Ugurbil1

1University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; 2Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


12:36         32.        The Contribution of T2* to Spin-Echo EPI: Implications for High-Field fMRI Studies

Shella D. Keilholz1, Afonso C. Silva2, Jeff Duyn2, Alan P. Koretsky2

1Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; 2National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA


12:48         33.        Direct Detection of Axon Firing in the Optic Nerve and Visual Cortex Using MRI - not available

Li Sze Chow1, Greg G. Cook1, Elspeth H. Whitby1, Martyn Paley1

1University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK