MR Spectroscopy Data Acquisition Techniques

Room A 104-105      16:00 - 18:00                                     Chairs: Peter S. Allen and Wolfgang Dreher

16:00      342.    In Vivo Localized Spectroscopy Using Ultra-Slow Magic Angle Spinning - not available

Robert Anthony Wind1, Jian Zhi Hu1, Paul D. Majors1

1Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington, USA

16:12      343.    Localised Phosphorus Spectroscopy of the Brains of 7-Day Mouse Pups - not available
Alan Bainbridge1, Osuke Iwata2, Daniel West2, Satchi Iwata2, Nicola Robertson2, Ernest Cady1

1University College Hospital London, London, UK; 2University College London, London, UK

16:24      344.    3D Localized Direct 13C Detection Using PRESS and a Modified DEPT Sequence

Atiyah Yahya1, Peter S. Allen1

1University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

16:36      345.    3-D Enhanced Fast Gradient Echo 13C Carbon Imaging in a 1.5T Clinical Scanner - not available

Kent C. Harris1, Alexander Peter Lin2, William H. Perman3, Pratip Bhattacharya1,4, Daniel P. Weitekamp4,

Brian D. Ross1

1Huntington Medical Research Institutes, Pasadena, California, USA; 2Rudi Schulte Research Institute, Pasadena, California, USA; 3Saint Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, USA; 4California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA

16:48      346.    In Vivo Single-Shot, Localized 13C Spectroscopy of Rhesus Monkey Brain at 4.7T

Shizhe Steve Li1, Zhengguang Chen1, Yan Zhang1, Martin J. Lizak2, Robert Innis1, Jun Shen1

1National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA; 2National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

17:00      347.    3D RINEPT {1H}-31P-CSI: A Feasible Approach for the Study of Membrane Turnover in the Human Brain

Tim Wokrina1, Gabriele Ende1

1Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany

17:12      348.    A Gated 31P-NMR Protocol for Estimation of Contractile ATP Cost and PCr Recovery Time Without Strenuous Exercise. - not available

Jill M. Slade1, Theodore F. Towse1, Robert W. Wiseman1, Mark C. DeLano1, Ronald A. Meyer1

1Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA

17:24      349.    SLIM-Based Multiple Quantum Chemical Shift Imaging for the Measurement of GABA in the Human Brain in Vivo - not available

Sang-Pil Lee1, Jun Shen2, Xiaoping Hu3, In-Young Choi1

1The Nathan S. Kline Institute, Orangeburg, New York, USA; 2National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA; 3Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

17:36      350.    Automated Positioning of Multiple Spatial Saturation Planes for Non-Cuboidal Voxel Prescription in MR Spectroscopy

Lawrence Ryner1,2, Garrett Westmacott1, Norm Davison2, Peter Latta1

1National Research Council, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; 2University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

17:48      351.    Phased Array 1H-Spectroscopy with a 32 Channel Head Coil at 3T a New Possibility to Increase Spatial or Temporal Resolution - not available

Uwe Boettcher1, Graham Wiggins2, Larry Wald2, Stefan Roell1

1Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany; 2Massachusetts General Hospital NMR Center, Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA