MR Spectroscopy of Cells, Tissues, and Body Fluids

Room A 101-102      10:30 - 12:30                                     Chairs: Leo L. Cheng and Mark G. Swanson

10:30      824.    A Fast and Sensitive (1H, 2H) NMR Method to Measure the Turnover of the H2 Hydrogen of Lactate

Tiago B. Rodrigues1,2, Marina Benito1, Alejandra Sierra1, Paloma Ballesteros3, Carlos F.G.C. Geraldes2,

Sebastián Cerdán1

1Instituto Investigaciones Biomedicas "Alberto Sols"/CSIC, Madrid, Spain; 2University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal; 3UNED, Madrid, Spain

10:42      825.    Under Hypoxia, VEGF Overexpression Increased Invasion and Changed Cellular Metabolism of a Human Prostate Cancer Cell Line Co-Cultured with Endothelial Cells
- not available

Ellen Ackerstaff1, Flonne Wildes1, Venu Raman1, Dmitri Artemov1, Zaver M. Bhujwalla1

1Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

10:54      826.    Investigation of Metabolic, Pathologic, and Genetic Changes in Prostate Cancer Versus Healthy Prostate Tissues - not available

Akpene A. Gbegnon1, Mark G. Swanson1, Z. L. Tabatabai1, Chris M. Haqq1, Daniel B. Vigneron1, Sarah J. Nelson1, John Kurhanewicz1

1University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA

11:06      827.    Measurement of Ischemia-Induced Changes of Intracellular Water Diffusion in Rat Glioma Cell Cultures - not available

Theodore Trouard1, Joseph Divijak1, Robert Sandoval1, Robert Gillies1, Jean-Philippe Galons1

1University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA

11:18      828.    Imbalance Between Cortical and Subcortical Cellular Metabolic Activity During Chronic Liver Failure Induced by Portacaval Shunting - not available

Claudia Zwingmann1, Dieter Leibfritz2, Roger Butterworth1

1Hospital Saint-Luc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 2University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

11:30      829.    1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for the Prediction of Therapeutic Outcome in Patients with Fulminant Hepatic Failure

Varsha Saxena1, Ashish Gupta1, G.A. Nagana Gowda1, Rajan Saxena1, S. K. Yachha1, C.L. Khetrapal1

1Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

11:42      830.    13C Isotopomer Studies of Insulin-Secreting Cells: Anaplerosis Plays a Role - not available

Nicholas Edward Simpson1, Jose A. Oca-Cossio1, Nata Khokhlova1, Ioannis Constantinidis1

1University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

11:54      831.    Temozolomide Acutely Enhances Glucose-Derived 13C-Labeling in Metabolic Intermediates of an Artificial Human Glioma
- not available

Anthony Mancuso1, Zhu Aizhi1, Nancy Jean Beardsley1

1University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

12:06      832.    Effect of Murine Strain on Metabolic Pathways of Glucose Production  - not available

Shawn C. Burgess1, Charles Storey1, Angela Milde1, Matthew E. Merritt1, Mark Jeffrey1, A. Dean Sherry1,2,

Craig R. Malloy1,3

1University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA; 2The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas, USA; 3VA North Texas Health Care System, Dallas, Texas, USA

12:18      833.    Characterizing Myocardial Metabolism During Hypothermic Storage by Carbon-13 and Proton MRS:  Implications for Cardiac Transplantation - not available

Matthias Peltz1, Tian-Teng He1, Glenn A. Adams1, Shawn Burgess1, Seena Koshy1, Robert Y. Chao1, Dan M. Meyer1, Michael E. Jessen1

1University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA