Musculoskeletal Neuro Body Cardiovascular
Educational Offerings at the ISMRM for all Interests:
  • Using the color-coded scheme above, the week-long program at the ISMRM is laid out for clinical attendees with specific interests in Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Body, and Cardiovascular MR.  The offerings highlighted include only the Educational Program.  A modified version of these overviews, which includes Scientific Sessions of interest to each specialty will be available closer to the time of the meeting.  The take-home message from inspection of these schemes will certainly be that there is something for everyone at this meeting!

Clinical MRI: From Principles to Practice

  • For the novice, or for clinicians desiring a refresher in the basics of MRI, the Scientific and Educational Committees have conceived a NEW week-long program called Clinical MRI: From Principles to Practice, based on selected offerings from the Educational Program at the ISMRM Annual Meeting.  Attendees are recommended to start on Saturday, 7 May with the one-day intensive course, Clinical MRI: From Physical Principles to Practical Protocols, which will introduce the physical principles of MR in the context of understanding routine clinical protocols.  On Sunday, attendees have a choice of day-long clinical educational programs, including Musculoskeletal MR, Advanced Body MR, Advanced Neuro MR, and Cardiac MR, among others.  During the week, the attendees of this program are encouraged to attend the Morning Categorical courses of their choosing, the Plenary Sessions, and then all the Clinical MR Problem-Solving courses, including the Hands-On Workshops for protocol optimization on vendor-supplied and supported workstations.  MR Physics for Clinicians will round out each day of education for the program.

Educational Offerings at the ISMRM for All Levels: From Novice to Expert
  • Beyond program offerings grouped in the new "Clinical MRI: From Principles to Practice" course, the ISMRM Annual Meeting offers a wealth of choices for more advanced clinical MR practitioners and for clinician-scientists.  On Saturday, day-long courses in clinical MRI include Artifacts and Pitfalls: Optimization in the Clinic; Breast Imaging; and Methods and Applications of Clinical Spectroscopy.  On Sunday, in addition to courses on Advanced Body, Neuro, Musculoskeletal, and Cardiac MR, educational courses with relevance to tomorrow's application in the clinic are offered on Cancer, Functional MRI, and the rapidly evolving field of "MR and Molecular Imaging."  Following the Plenary Sessions, clinicians can choose from Scientific Sessions, Clinical Categoricals, and Clinical MR Problem-Solving Courses.  In the late afternoon, options include the Scientific Sessions (oral, as well as traditional and e-posters), MR Physics for Clinicians, or a visit to the Technical Exhibition, where vendors present the latest offerings in MR-related equipment and technology.

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