Last updated 05 May 2009

MR of Cancer Study Group
Wednesday, 11 May 2005, from 19:00 to 21:00, Room B217-218

Business Meeting Agenda:
Chaired by Dr. Martin Leach; Dr. Gene Reddick as Secretary

Introduction of Executive Committee for 2005-6
Introduction of Elected officers for 2006-7
Nominations for next elections to be emailed to Anne Ornelas de Lemos, Director of Membership
and Study Groups
Report on reinstatement of Study Section status
Report on 2004 Workshop
Report on Bill Negendank Fund
Planning of next Workship in 2006
Consider proposal from Jim Delikatny at University of Pennsylvania to host Workshop
Scientific Meeting Agenda:
Chaired by Dr. Martin Leach
"Regulatory pathways of angiogenesis and dormancy in ovarian carcinoma: the MRI perspective" - Michal Neeman, Weizmann Institute of Science
"Clinical applications and opportunities for MRS in Oncology" - Heinz Schlemmer, Department of Radiology, Eberhard-Karls-University of Tübingen

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