Last updated 20 February 2009

MR Engineering Study Group
Monday, 9 May 2005, from 18:30 to 20:30, Room B214-215

"What's the Next for RF Coil Technologies"

Business Meeting
Scientific Meeting: "Wireless and Fiber Optic Cabling"
Recent advances of MR scanner design involve an ever-increasing number of receiver channels, which is required to realize the full potential of parallel imaging techniques.  However, we cannot underestimate the impact of so many RF cables on cable management, giving rise to concerns for coupling and safety.  On the other hand, looking outside of MRI, the rest of the world is moving to "wireless" technologies.  This engineering meeting presents an opportunity to look at the state-of-the-art wireless technologies currently available in the wireless industry and identify what we may be missing to go from the current RF coil technologies to wireless.  We will also investigate fiber optic cabling as a viable approach.  Speakers will be announced.

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