Seattle, Washington, USA
6-12 May 2006


PubMed Format for ISMRM Proceedings
Last updated 28 June 2019




Accessibility of ISMRM abstracts would be improved if they could easily be imported into literature management programs such as Endnote and Reference Manager. The most general way of doing this is to put the abstract information into a form readily readable by all such programs. The Pubmed format of the National Library for Medicine seems ideally suited to this as it is publicly documented and freely available.

The 2006 ISMRM Proceedings have been put in Pubmed format and successfully imported into Endnote (version 7, build 98). Tests have also been conducted with Reference Manager.

PC users:  To download the files below, just click the right-hand button on your mouse and choose "Save Target As."   

PC and Mac users:  The system will prompt you for your user name and password, and will only accept the log-in information of those who have pre-registered for the ISMRM Scientific Meeting.  If you are registered and do not know your user ID and password, please send an email to

The PubMed file for import is


Available only to Scientific Meeting registrants

ISMRM and Endnote. The current version has been tested with Endnote. To import the PubMed file into Endnote, you can use the filter

  Pubmed (NLM)4ISMRM.enf
Available only to Scientific Meeting registrants

If you also have the ISMRM CD, you can change the URL in the imported Endnote file from /MyPathway2005/ to W:\Files\ assuming that your cd-drive is W.  Entering CTRL-G in Endnote will then automatically open the abstract.

Note for Reference Manager usersThe conference location is not a field in PubMed. This has been encoded in the GN (General Note) field. For Endnote the ISMRM import filter takes care of this, but no workaround is currently available for Reference Manager.

Note for BibTex users:  Given the difficulties of import/export with BibTex, the 2006 abstracts have also been made available in BibTex format. The file to download is:


Available only to Scientific Meeting registrants