Cerebral Perfusion: Methodology

Room 615 - 617         10:30 - 12:30                 Chairs: Matthias Guenther and Leif Østergaard


Prog #

10:30 667.

Rapid Imaging of Multiple Vascular Territories Using Cycled Arterial Spin Labeling with Independent

Component Analysis Matthias Guenther1, 2

1Universitätsklinikum, Mannheim, Germany; 2Advanced MRI Technologies, Sebastopol, California, USA

10:42 668.

Vessel Encoded Arterial Spin Labeling Using Pseudo-Continuous Tagging

Eric C. Wong1

1University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA
10:54 669.

Dual Vessel Arterial Spin Labeling Scheme for Regional Perfusion Imaging

Ivan Zimine1, Esben Thade Petersen1, Xavier Golay, 12

1National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore, Singapore; 2ASTAR, Singapore, Singapore
11:06 670.

In Vivo Measurement of the Longitudinal Relaxation Time of Arterial Blood (T1a) in the Mouse Using

a Pulsed Arterial Spin Labeling Approach

David L. Thomas1, Mark F. Lythgoe1, David G. Gadian1, Roger J. Ordidge1

1University College London, London, UK
11:18 671.

Effect of Tag Dispersion on Fast ASL Methods

Gregory R. Lee1, Luis Hernandez-Garcia1, Douglas Noll1

1University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
11:30 672.

Imaging Microvascular Flow Distributions Using Residue Function Shape Characteristics

Kim Mouridsen1, Stefan Kiebel2, Niels Hjort1, Leif Østergaard1

1Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark; 2Institute of Neurology, London, UK
11:42 673.

PERMEATE: High Temporal Resolution Multi-Echo/Multi-Slice Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion

Imaging Using GRAPPA EPI

Rexford Newbould1, Stefan Skare1, David B. Clayton1, Marcus T. Alley1, Gregory Albers1, Maarten Lansberg1,

Roland Bammer1

1Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA
11:54 674.

Robust Semi-Automated Arterial Input Function Identification Using Self Organizing Maps

Jinesh J. Jain1, Wilburn E. Reddick1

1St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
11:06 675.

Absolute Quantification of Cerebral Blood Flow in Normal Volunteers: Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI

Compared with Xe-133-SPECT

Linda Knutsson1, Siv Börjesson2, Elna-Marie Larsson3, Jarl Risberg2, Lars Gustafsson4, Ulla Passant4,

Freddy Ståhlberg1, 3, Ronnie Wirestam1

1Department of Medical Radiation Physics, Lund, Sweden; 2Department of Psychology, Lund, Sweden;
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Lund, Sweden; 4Department of Psychogeriatrics, Lund, Sweden
11:18 676.

Basal CBF and CBF fMRI of Rhesus Monkeys on a Siemens Trio 3T Using a Three-Coil Continuous

Arterial-Spin-Labeling Technique

Xiaodong Zhang1, Edward Auerbach2, Tsukasa Nagaoka1, Robbie Champion1, Lei Zhou3, Xiaoping Hu3,

Christopher Edmonds1, Xiangyang Ma1, Timothy Q. Duong1

1Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; 2University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA;
Emory University/Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia, USA