Room 4E                Monday 14:00 - 16:00

MRI in Animal Models Other Than Stroke

Animal Brain MRS 13C, 17OZ, 7Li, 15N

Brain: Different Types of Relaxation and Angiography

Spinal Cord MRI

Perfusion Imaging in Animal Models

Tissue Segmentation and Coregistration

Diffusion: Analysis and Processing

Diffusion Acquisition Methods

Diffusion: Precision, Accuracy, and Effects of Experimental Design

The Normal Brain: Analysis by Tractography

Resting State BOLD and Connectivity

fMRI: Cognition and Language

fMRI: Primary Sensory/Motor Applications

fMRI: CNS Disorders and Pharmacological Modulation

Cardiac Perfusion

Myocardial Viability

Cardiomyopathy and Heart Structure

Cardiac Post Processing

Diffusion Weighted Imaging of the Abdomen

Cartilage Techniques and Applications

Pre-Clinical Cancer Metabolism and Microenvironments

Vascular Postprocessing


Human Lung Imaging Techniques

Lung Imaging: Animal Model & Hyperpolarized Gases

Consoles and Interfaces

Multimodality and Novel Systems

Gradient Subsystems

Bo: Magnets and Inhomogeneity Considerations

Computational Electromagnetics

Interventional MR

Room 4E                    Tuesday 13:30 - 15:30

MRI in Animal Models for Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury

Animal Brain  MRS: 1H MRS

Brain: Miscellaneous MRI

Eyes, Glands, and Neck

Cerebral Blood Flow and Dynamic Contrast Perfusion

Pediatric Brain


Metabolic and White Matter MRS

Brain Registration and Normalization Techniques

Brain Segmentation Techniques

Diffusion Modeling and its Application to Microstructure

Myocardial Function and Strain Analysis

Lung Imaging: Applications

Muscle Spectroscopy

MSK/Body: Spine, Bone, Muscle, Tendon, Misc.

Cancer Models: Detection, Diagnoses, and Staging

Cancer Models: Predicting and Monitoring Therapy Response with MRI

Clinical MRS in Cancer

Clinical Applications in Cancer

Nanoparticle Contrast Agents - Methods and Applications

New or SMART Contrast Agents

Cell Labeling and Tracking: Methods and Applications

Phase Contrast and Flow Dynamics



MRS of Cells, Body Fluids, and Others


Transmitters and Receivers

MR Safety, Bioeffects, and Acoustic Noise

Room 4E                    Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00

Neonatal Brain

MRS/MRI of Neuropsychiatric Disease

Advanced Imaging in Brain Tumors

Multiple Sclerosis: Grey and White Matter Lesions

fMRI in Animals

Coronary MRA

Vessel Wall Imaging

Body MR: Liver, Contrast Techniques

Body: GI-GU

Body: GI

Body MRI: Abdominal MRS

Body MRI: Techniques, Qualitative Measurements, Misc.

Abdominal MR Imaging at 3T

Fat Quantitation

Gynecological and Fetal MR Imaging

Maganese Enhanced MRI: Multiple Applications

Artifacts and Correction: Non-Motion

Data Processing: Miscellaneous

Rapid Imaging

Parallel Imaging

Contrast Mechanisms and MTC


Spectroscopic Data Analysis and Quantitation

MRS Sensitivity Enhancement Techniques for 13C and Other Nuclei through Hyperpolarization

MR Elastography

Parallel Transmission Technology

Parallel Receive Coil Technology

RF Coils for Spectroscopy and Animal Studies

General RF Coil Technology

RF Applications: Miscellaneous

Room 4E                    Thursday 13:30 - 15:30

Brain: Miscellaneous MRS

Brain MRI: The Next Frontier

Dementia MRI/MRS

Brain: Magnetization Transfer


Methods in Arterial Spin Labeling

DWI/DTI : Clinical Applications

The Normal Brain: DWI/DTI Analysis

Resolving Multiple Fibers and Novel Approaches to DWI Analysis

Fiber Tracking and Visualization

BOLD: Reactivity and CBV

BOLD: Hemodynamic Responses

fMRI: Combining with Other Modalities

fMRI: Measurement Techniques

fMRI Noise and Artifact Compensation

fMRI Data and Statistical Analysis Method


Perfusion and Permeability in Cancer Models

Cancer Models: Assessment of Vascular Function

DCE-MRI in Cancer: Clinical and Analysis

Image Reconstruction Methods

Artifacts and Correction: Motion

RF Pulse Design

Pulse Sequence: Other

Spectral Editing and Localization Techniques

Spectroscopic Imaging Techniques and Applications

MR Spectroscopy: x Nuclei and Other

Non-Proton MRI