Brain Arterial Spin Labeling Techniques
Room 4A Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00



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14:00 3422 12

CASL Perfusion MRI with Non-Segmented Low Flip Angle 3D EPI

S. L.. Talagala1, G. S. Slavin2, J. Ostuni1, S. Chesnick1

1National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA; 2GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
14:00 3423 10

When Perfusion Meets Diffusion – In Vivo Measurement of Water Extraction and Permeability in Human Brain

Jiongjiong Wang1, Keith S. St Lawrence2, Maria Fernandez-Seara1, John A. Detre1

1University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; 2Lawson Health Research Institute, London, Ontario, Canada
14:00 3424 11

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cerebral Borderzones

Jeroen Hendrikse1, Esben Thade Petersen2, Peter Jan Van Laar1, Xavier Golay2

1UMC, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore, Singapore

14:30 3425 11

Accurate Measurement the Transit Time and Tag Delivery Time of Pulsed Arterial Spin Labeling: Comparing

8-Channel Phased Array Coil and Quadrature Birdcage Coil

Wei Sun1, Guang Cao2, Xin Lou3, Youquan Cai3

1GE Healthcare China, Beijing, People’s Republic of China; 2GE Healthcare China, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China; 3PLA General Hospital, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
14:30 3426 10

Automatic Planning for Regional Perfusion Imaging

Ivan Zimine1, Esben Thade Petersen1, Frederic Sardou1, Xavier Golay1, 2

1National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore, Singapore; 2ASTAR, Singapore, Singapore
14:30 3427 12

Whole Brain 3D Velocity Selective Arterial Spin Labeling Using a Background Suppressed Flow Weighted

Spiral Fast Spin Echo Acquisition

Eric C. Wong1, Wen-Chau Wu1, Julie Bykowski1

1University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA
15:00 3428 12

Accurate Perfusion Quantification Using Pulsed Arterial Spin Labeling: Choosing Appropriate Sequence


Joanna E. Perthen1, Khaled Restom1, Yashar Behzadi1, Kun Lu1, Thomas T. Liu1

1UCSD, San Diego, California, USA
15:00 3429 10

Changes in Flow Territories in Patients with Symptomatic Carotid Artery Stenosis Before and After Carotid

Desobstruction: A Selective Arterial Spin Labeling MRI Study

Peter Jan van Laar1, Jeroen Hendrikse1, Willem Mali1, Matthias van Osch2, Jeroen van der Grond2

1University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands
15:00 3430 11

The Effect of Arterial Blood Velocity Variation Over the Cardiac Cycle on the Temporal SNR of the CASL

Perfusion Time Series

Maria Asuncion Fernandez-Seara1, Jiongjiong Wang1, John A. Detre1

1University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

15:30 3431 11

Measurement of White Matter Perfusion Using ASL-MRI at 4T

Geon-Ho Jahng1, Michael W. Weiner1, Norbert Schuff1

1University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA
15:30 3432 10

Comparison of ASL Kinetic Curves Between Subjects and Between Brain Areas

Daniel Gallichan1, Peter Jezzard1

1University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
15:30 3433 12

Improvements to Control Scan of ASL-Perfusion MRI by Improving Null Pulse for Use with the Repeated

Shallow Flip Angle Excitations

Geon-Ho Jahng1, Gerald B. Matson1, Michael W. Weiner1, Norbert Schuff1

1University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA