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Human MRI and MRS at High Static Magnetic Fields: The Promise, the Challenges, the Solutions
Dikoma C. Shungu, Joseph A. Helpern, Organizers

This course will consist of four one-hour sessions given over 4 days: A discussion of various theoretical aspects of high static B0 fields and corresponding higher radio frequency B1 magnetic fields and the challenges that they pose with respect to human MRS and MRI at such fields; selected applications of MRI at high fields with emphasis on the challenges of body imaging, and on contrast mechanisms such as T1, susceptibility, MRA and BOLD; the challenges of performing heteronuclear spin-spin decoupling in human MRS at high fields, and the benefits of high fields for the technology for in vivo detection of the neurotransmitters GABA and glutamate/glutamine; and the bioeffects, regulation and management issues as they relate to high static fields.

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

Describe the general behavior of B0 and B1 fields in the human body when the Larmor frequency is of the order of or greater than 100 MHz;
List the problems faced in trying to obtain a homogeneous B0 field and a B1 field;
Recognize the challenges of developing RF coils for high field applications;
  • Recognize the challenges of whole-body imaging at high fields and list potential solutions;
  • List recent methodological advances for detecting neurotransmitters by MRS at high fields;
Recognize the challenges of implementing heteronuclear spin-spin decoupling at high static fields;
Describe the benefits of high field for BOLD contrast;
Describe the interaction between high magnetic fields and biological systems; and
List organizations responsible for regulating exposure to magnetic fields.
Audience Description:
This course is designed for individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering and/or physical sciences, a year of research experience with MRI and MRS at any field. Clinicians and scientists currently working with high-field human MRI instruments or who have recently purchased (or intend to purchase) a high field system would find this course of interest.


Tuesday, 9 May
07:00 Impediments to High Field MR - A Look at B0 and B1 Field Behavior David I Hoult, D.Phil.
07:30 How to Do RF at High Fields J. Thomas Vaughan, Jr., Ph.D.
Wednesday, 10 May
07:00 High Resolution Imaging: Why Is It Important for T1 Weighted Imaging, MRA and SWI? E. Mark Haacke, Ph.D.
07:30 Parallel Excitation: Making SENSE of High-Field Body MRI Yudong Zhu, Ph.D.
Thursday, 11 May
07:00 Advances in Spectral Editing: MRS of Neurotransmitters Peter S. Allen, Ph.D.
07:30 Broadband Decoupling at High Field: Challenges and Solutions Robin A. de Graaf, Ph.D.
Friday, 12 May
07:00 Getting BOLDer with High Field fMRI Xiaoping P. Hu, Ph.D.
07:30 Static Magnetic Fields: Bioeffects, Regulation and Management Penny Anne Gowland, Ph.D.