The ISMRM wishes to congratulate the winners of the 2006 Outstanding Teacher Awards!


The Annual Meeting Program Committee Announces the

To recognize outstanding educational contributions to the ISMRM meeting, the Annual Meeting Program Committee acknowledges the highest rated speaker in each educational course. Recipients of these awards have been determined by the evaluation scores which attendees gave to the speakers.

We thank all our attendees who, with their responses, chose these outstanding teachers:


Weekend Courses

MR Physics for Physicists
Klaas Pruessmann, Ph.D. (Zurich, Switzerland)

Clinical MRI: From Physical Principles to Practical Protocols
Martin J. Graves. M.Sc. (Cambridge, UK)

Advanced Body Imaging
Evan S. Siegelman, M.D. (Wynnewood, PA, USA)

Quantitative Image and Data Analysis
David L. Buckley, Ph.D. (Manchester, England, UK)

Diffusion and Perfusion Methodology
Peter J. Basser, Ph.D. (Bethesda, MD, USA)
Derek Jones, Ph.D. (Cardiff, Wales, UK)

Molecular Imaging
Brian D. Ross, Ph.D. (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

MR Spectroscopy in Clinical Practice
Jefftrey R. Alger, Ph.D. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

RF Systems Engineering
Mark A. Griswold, Ph.D. (Shaker Heights, OH, USA)

Experimental Methods in MR of Cancer
Brian D. Ross, Ph.D. (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

Multi-Modal fMRI: Physiology, Acquisition, and Analysis
Robert W. Cox, Ph.D. (Bethesda, MD, USA)

Demystifying Biomedical MR Spectroscopy: Challenges, Advanced Concepts, and Applications
John Pauly, Ph.D. (Stanford, CA, USA)

Musculoskeletal Imaging
Russell C. Fritz, M.D. (Mill Valley, CA, USA)

Advanced Brain MR Imaging
Derek K. Jones (Cardiff, Wales, UK)

Cardiac MRI
Orlando Simonetti, Ph.D. (Columbus, OH, USA)

            Morning Categoricals
Technical Advances in Body MR
Neil M. Rofsky, M.D. (Brookline, MA, USA)

Cardiovascular Imaging
David A. Bluemke, M.D., Ph.D. (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Clinical DTI/PWI/fMRI
Soonmee Cha, M.D. (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Mark J. Lowe, Ph.D. (Cleveland, OH, USA)

MR Hardware/Engineering
Douglas C. Noll, Ph.D. (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

Human MRI and MRS at High Static Magnetic Fields: The Promise, the Challenges, the Solutions
Robin A. de Graaf, Ph.D. (New Haven, CT, USA)

New Horizons in MSK MRI
Thaddeus Laird, M.D. (Reno, NV, USA)

Quantitative Neuro MRI
Gareth J. Barker, Ph.D. (London, UK)
Jacques-Donald Tournier, M.Sc. (Heidelberg West, Australia)
            Clinical Categorical Courses
Hot Topics in Clinical Practice: Neuroimaging and Body Imaging
Scott B. Reeder, M.D., Ph.D. (Middleton, WI, USA)

Body/Cardiovascular Imaging at 3T
Neil M. Rofsky, M.D. (Brookline, MA, USA)

Cardiovascular Imaging
J. Paul Finn, M.D. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Stroke Imaging
Howard A. Rowley, M.D. (Madison, WI, USA)

Therapy Assessment
Johannes T. Heverhagen, M.Sc. (Columbus, OH, USA)

      Other Courses

MR Physics and Techniques for Clinicians
Walter Kucharczyk, M.D. (Toronto, ON, Canada)
(Dr. Kucharczyk would like to acknowledge the significant contributions of Dr. Donald B. Plewes to the development of this course.)

Clinical MRI Course - Body MR Problem Solving
Donald G. Mitchell, M.D. (Philadelphia, PA, USA)