Clinical MRI: From Physical Principles to Practical Protocols
Vivian S. Lee, Timothy J. Mosher, Organizers

Saturday, 6 May, 08:00 - 17:45


This one-day course will provide a basic overview of the physical principles underlying the generation of MR images, with a view toward understanding how and why these principles are important in practical clinical protocols. Following a brief introduction, pairs of presentations (one on physics, one on clinical protocols) will focus on specific systems—musculoskeletal, body, vascular, neurological, and cardiac. Over the course of the day, physics speakers will build on physics topics and protocol speakers will use physical principles to illustrate protocol choices and trouble shooting tips. This course starts the weeklong program, ISMRM CLINICAL MRI COURSE: FROM PRINCIPLES TO PRACTICE.

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
• Describe the basic physics principles of MRI;
• Explain the physics principles underlying common sequences used in
    - musculoskeletal imaging,
    - body imaging,
    - vascular imaging,
    - neurological imaging, and
    - cardiac imaging;
• Apply these principles in protocol design for common indications; and
• Recognize and avoid common pitfalls that arise in standard imaging protocols.

Audience Description:
This course is designed for trainees in MRI (radiology, cardiology, neurology residents, and fellows), practicing clinicians, and MRI technologists with an interest in clinical MRI. Individuals who are novices or who desire a refresher in the basics of MR physics, and how physics considerations play in to protocol optimization will find it worthwhile.

08:00 Overview of MR Physics Norbert J. Pelc, Sc.D.
09:00 Musculoskeletal MR Principles Brian A. Hargreaves, Ph.D.
09:40 Musculoskeletal MR Practical Protocols Timothy J. Mosher, M.D.
10:20 Break - Meet the Teachers    
10:35 Body MR Principles  Martin J. Graves, M.Sc.
11:15 Body Protocols David J. Lomas, M.D.
11:55 Break    
11:55 - 12:10 - Meet the Teachers    
13:10 Vascular MR Principles (TOF, 3D GRE) Frank R. Korosec, Ph.D.
13:50 Vascular Protocols James F. M. Meaney, M.D.
14:30 Neuro MR Principles (FLAIR, EPI-Perfusion, Diffusion) Timothy P.L. Roberts, Ph.D.
15:10 Neuro Protocols   David J. Mikulis, M.D.
15:50 Break - Meet the Teachers     
16:10 Cardiac MR Principles (Gating, True FISP, Phase Contrast)   Christine H. Lorenz, Ph.D.
16:50 Cardiac Protocols Vivian S. Lee, M.D., Ph.D. 
17:30 - 17:45- Meet the Teachers