Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB ~ 19-25 May 2007

Poster Award Winners


Category Award Author Title
1028 1st Vijayanand Alagappan A Degenerate Birdcage Coil for Parallel Excitation
1020 2nd Christian Findeklee Decoupling of a Multi Channel Transmit/Receive Coil Array via Impedance Inversion
1007 3rd Ingmar Graesslin Fully Integrated Whole Body 3T MRI System for Parallel RF Transmission
1008 Honorable mention Shumin Wang Efficient RF Coil Simulations with Curvilinear Quadrilateral-Element Method of Moments
2332 1st Seth Smith Quantitative MT (qMT) characteristics of the human spinal cord <I>in vivo</I>
2453 2nd Xin  Yu MEMRI reveals plasticity changes in the auditory midbrains of mice after two-tone rearing
2383 3rd Andre Obenaus Iron-labeled neural stem cell homing after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia
2431 Honorable mention Susann Boretius In vivo MRI of axonal damage with subtle myelin defects in PLP-null mice
Diffusion, Perfusion - Neuro
1516 1st Evren Ozarslan Anisotropy Induced by Macroscopic Boundaries: Surface Normal Mapping Using DWI
1475 2nd Enrico Kaden Parametric Spherical Deconvolution: Inferring Multiple Fiber Bundles using Diffusion MR Imaging
3492 3rd Wouter Teeuwisse Transversal Relaxation Effects on Arterial Spin Labeling Investigated by Dual Echo Pseudo Continuous ASL
1528 Honorable mention Daniel Güllmar Influence of anisotropic conductivity measured using DTI on the EEG forward solution: a whole human head sensitivity analysis
3188 1st Juergen Hennig Rapid simultaneous measurement of stimulus related signal changes in visual and motor cortex with MR-encephalography
1934 2nd ChanHong Moon Comparison of GE and SE BOLD fMRI techniques in temporal-encoding iso-orientation maps.
2005 3rd Chih-Liang Chin Characterizing the Differential Effects of Selective Cannabinoid Agonists on Brain Activity in Awake Rats Using Pharmacological MRI
2042 Honorable mention Steven Coen Assessing the Influence of Negative Mood on Brain Processing of Visceral Sensation
3870 1st (tie) Riad Ababneh Fat-water separation in dynamic objects, applied to cardiac cine imaging.
3100 1st (tie) Ye Qiao Magnetization transfer based contrast for human atherosclerotic plaque characterization
2558 2nd Maythem Saeed MR Value in the Assessment of the Efficacy of Cardiac Specific Gene Expression
3631 3rd Thanh Nguyen Effective velocity spoiling for black blood imaging of the heart
Body (non-cancer)      
2733 1st Yael Rosen BOLD and Sodium MRI of the Human Kidney: Preliminary Experience with Patients
2715 2nd Negar Knowles Characterization of liver neoplasms with a fast radial-FSE imaging technique.
3559 3rd Satoru Morita Portal Vein Suppression with Centric K-space Ordering on Three-dimensional Segmented True Fast Imaging with Steady-state Precession Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2706 Honorable mention Jelena Anastasovska Effect of Maternal and Early Dietary Intake on Body Composition and Function
2875 1st Cong Li Multimodal Image-Guided Enzyme/Prodrug Cancer Therapy
2245 2nd Stefan Bluml Citrate in Pediatric CNS Tumors
2971 3rd Raphael Serduc Vascular tumor response to synchrotron microbeam radiation therapy. A short term in vivo study.
2911 Honorable mention Egidio Iorio Detection by 1H MRS of Altered Phosphatidylcholine Metabolism in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells
1117 1st William Overall Phase refocusing for improved visualization of interventional guidewires
1104 2nd Barjor Gimi Negative and Positive contrast strategies to track cell encapsulation devices post implantation
1105 3rd Sascha Krueger MR-visible and RF-safe low profile transmission line for active devices
1141 Honorable mention James Bankson Multifunctional Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Photothermal Therapy of Cancer with MRI Monitoring
Pulse Sequences, Reconstruction and Analysis
3424 1st Murat Aksoy The Effect of Navigator Resolution on Registration Accuracy in Rigid Head Motion Correction
1622 2nd Wenmiao Lu Chemical Shift Correction in Bipolar Multi-Echo Sequences for Water and Fat Separation
1740 3rd Martin Uecker Parallel Imaging as a Non-linear Inversion Problem - Improved Reconstructions
1684 Honorable mention Yudong Zhu An Analysis of Reciprocity in Parallel MRI
2934 1st Lijing Xin H NMR Spectroscopy with Selective Resonance Suppression Using Asymmetric Adiabatic RF Pulses
1327 2nd Samuel Grant High Resolution Sodium Imaging of Isolated Neurons
1166 3rd Yun-Ming Wang A New Bio-activated Paramagnetic Gadolinium(III) Complex [Gd(DOTA-FPG)] for Tracing Gene Expression
3175 Honorable mention Dionyssios Mintzopoulos In-vivo proton HRMAS detects effects of trauma in Drosophila Melanogaster