Molecular Imaging: Novel Reporter Systems

Hall 14.2/Oslo     16:00 - 18:00         Chairs: Silvio Aime and Markus Rudin


Prog #

16:00 855.

MR Tracking of Transplanted Cells with Positive Contrast Using Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles - not available

Assaf A. Gilad1, Piotr Walczak1, Michael T. McMahon, 12, Hyon Bin Na3, Jung Hee Lee4, Kwangjin An3, Taeghwan Hyeon3, Peter C.M. van Zijl, 12, Jeff W.M. Bulte1

1Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; 2Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; 3Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 4Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea


16:12 856.

Gene Based Production of Magnetic Nanoparticles for MRI

Omar Zurkiya1, Anthony Chan2, Xiaoping Hu1

1Emory University/Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; 2Emory University School of Medicine & Yerkes National Primate Center, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

16:24 857.

The Role of 19F Diffusion Weighted Spectroscopy for Specific and Sensitive Detection of Molecularly Targeted Perfluorocarbon Nanoparticles

Emily Alexandria Waters1, Xiaoxia Yang1, Gregory M. Lanza1, Samuel A. Wickline1, Junjie Chen1

1Washington University Medical School, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


16:36 858.

FeCo/Graphitic Carbon-Shell Nanocrystals as MRI Contrast Agents for Cellular and Vascular Imaging

Jin Hyung Lee1, Won Seok Seo1, Masahiro Terashima1, Yoriyasu Suzuki1, Phillip Yang1, Michael V. McConnell1, Dwight G. Nishimura1, Hongjie Dai1

1Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA


16:48 859.

A New MRI Reporter Gene: Mn Binding Protein MntR Produces T1 Weighted Cellular Contrast

Ben B. Bartelle1, Abby E. Deans1, Daniel H. Turnbull1

1Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, New York, New York, USA


17:00 860.

In Vivo Evaluation of an Inducible MRI Reporter Gene

Jochen Stritzker1, Philip J. Hill1, 2, Miriam Scadeng3, Aladar A. Szalay1

1Genelux Corp., San Diego, California, USA; 2University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; 3UCSD, San Diego, California, USA

17:12 861.

Characterization of Paramagnetic Lanthanide Ion Complexes as MRI Contrast Agents as a Function of

Magnetic Field Strength

Heather Hearing Cornnell1, Samuel C. Grant2, 3, Jens T. Rosenberg2, 3, Parastou Foroutan2, 3, A. Dean Sherry4, Arthur Scott Edison1, 3, Glenn A. Walter1

1University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA; 2Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA; 3National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, Florida, USA; 4University of Texas, Dallas, Texas, USA


17:24 862.

Combined In Vivo Imaging and Delivery of siRNA to Tumors

Zdravka Medarova1, Wellington Pham1, Christian Farrar1, Victoria Petkova2, Anna Moore1

1Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA; 2Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

17:36 863.

Parallel Intravital Microscopy, MR Imaging, and Fluorescence Imaging of Tumor Angiogenesis Using

Paramagnetic Quantum Dots

Willem J. M. Mulder1, 2, Karolien Castermans3, Clemens W.G.M. Lowik4, Eric L. Kaijzel4, Gustav J. Strijkers2, Arjan W. Griffioen3, Klaas Nicolay2

1Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA; 2Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands; 3Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands; 4Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, Netherlands


17:48 864.

Molecular Imaging of Collagenous Scar Tissue in Chronic Myocardial Infarction Using a Targeted MR Contrast Agent

Patrick A. Helm1, Brent A. French1, Peter Caravan2, Stephane Dumas2, Vincent Jacques2, Biplab Das2, R Jack Roy1, Christopher M. Kramer1, Frederick H. Epstein1

1University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA; 2Epix Pharmaceuticals, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA